National Security

Jun 04 2021

Labor and Business Agree: China’s State-Owned or Supported Companies Shouldn’t Get Tax Money to Build U.S. Rail Cars and Buses

A diverse coalition of unions and companies are urging Congress to maintain and strengthen the Transportation Infrastructure Vehicle Security Act (TIVSA).
Apr 07 2021

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Biden Administration to Fund “Secure” 5G Networks

Senators from both sides of the aisle want to ensure there are “5G alternatives to Chinese-made equipment.”
Mar 15 2021

Will 2021 Be the Year the United States Finally Sets Sail on Shipbuilding?

There’s bipartisan support for strengthening domestic shipbuilding, but previous legislation has stalled. Now the push for infrastructure investment may also help launch this effort.
Feb 17 2021

China Mulls Export Rules for Rare Earth Elements

The Biden administration, meanwhile, orders a review of critical domestic manufacturing industries.
Feb 03 2021

Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Biden to Shore up Chip Manufacturing

Letter urges White House to use provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act as semiconductor shortage causes slowdowns at auto plants.
Feb 02 2021

Will Washington Act to Shore Up Semiconductor Manufacturing?

The Intel example provides an interesting case study.
Jan 27 2021

Pentagon Warns Deindustrialization and Supply Chain Gaps Put U.S. At Risk

Reshoring critical manufacturing production and strengthening our industrial base is essential to shoring up our defense, according to a new report.
Jan 07 2021

Congress Keeps on Rolling

This week, despite a riot, it certified the election of the next American president. Last week, it passed a big, important defense bill.
Nov 13 2020

Is 2020 Stressing You Out? Don’t Forget About the Global Ambitions of China’s Regime!

With the U.S. still focused on the election and coping with rising coronavirus cases, Xi Jinping and Co. are continuing ahead with plans to monopolize industry… and then some.
Oct 26 2020

Problems Continue for Rail Cars Built by China’s State-Owned CRRC for Boston’s Subway System

The Chinese state-owned company offered transit officials a bargain, but time has proven that it came at a big cost.