National Security

Feb 07 2024

Proposed Rule Aims to Close a Glaring Gap in Freight Rail Security

The SAFE Trains Act, which passed as part of the infrastructure package in 2021, seeks to support Made in America freight rail -- and limit influence of countries of concern, i.e. China.
Jan 10 2024

Yet Another Report Finds that the U.S. Defense Industrial Base is in Real Bad Shape

This is the sort of thing that should keep you up at night.
Dec 11 2023

Proposed Rule Aims to Make Sure Freight Rail Cars Aren’t Made in China

The Federal Railroad Administration is officially proposing that new freight cars cannot be built in a "country of concern."
Dec 04 2023

A Draft of the National Defense Industrial Strategy Leaked, and There’s Reason to Worry

Politico got ahold of a draft copy of the report, set to be unveiled in the coming weeks, and it confirms the U.S. can't make the weapons it needs quickly enough.
Sep 18 2023

China’s Shipbuilding Capacity is 232 Times Greater Than That of the United States

After decades of cutting back on shipbuilding, the United States Navy is attempting to get back up to speed.
Jul 31 2023

The United States Needs to Build “Larger and More Diverse” Supply Chains for Critical Minerals

It's not really a surprise, but a new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies finds that China dominates mineral supply chains. The U.S., meanwhile, is more dependent on...
Jul 11 2023

The Ongoing Effort to Arm Ukraine Exposes Problems in the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

The offshoring of so much of our domestic manufacturing makes it harder to ramp up production of things needed for our national defense.
May 30 2023

Why Elon Musk’s Trip to China is Alarming

A lot of people dislike the billionaire because of what he's done to Twitter. But Musk's increasingly close ties with China's authoritarian government should also raise some red flags.
May 23 2023

Congress Gets Closer to Closing an Infrastructure Loophole that Benefits a Chinese State-Owned Firm

Thanks to flawed implementation of the 2019 TIVSA law, four major U.S. cities received a lifetime exemption. That could change soon.
May 19 2023

Former USTR Robert Lighthizer tells Congress the CCP “May Be the Most Perilous Adversary We’ve Ever Had”

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held its third hearing on Wednesday, further exploring how to meet the challenges posed by China’s economic aggression.