National Security

Jan 07 2021

Congress Keeps on Rolling

This week, despite a riot, it certified the election of the next American president. Last week, it passed a big, important defense bill.
Nov 13 2020

Is 2020 Stressing You Out? Don’t Forget About the Global Ambitions of China’s Regime!

With the U.S. still focused on the election and coping with rising coronavirus cases, Xi Jinping and Co. are continuing ahead with plans to monopolize industry… and then some.
Oct 26 2020

Problems Continue for Rail Cars Built by China’s State-Owned CRRC for Boston’s Subway System

The Chinese state-owned company offered transit officials a bargain, but time has proven that it came at a big cost.
Oct 21 2020

Sen. Baldwin Aims to Strengthen Buy America Requirements for Ships

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) introduced legislation to expand Buy America preferences for the federal government’s purchases of ships, a step toward rebuilding the country’s once mighty – and...
Oct 01 2020

China Dominates Rare Earth Mineral Production. But Could the U.S. Actually Hold a Competitive Advantage?

One policymaker said Thursday that the U.S. "can catch up relatively quickly" when it comes to mineral production.
Sep 25 2020

House Unanimously Passes Bipartisan National Stockpile Bill That Boosts Domestic PPE Production

Ahead of a likely fall surge of the pandemic, the bill could help the nation avert dangerous medical supply shortages that have continued to plague the country.
Mar 01 2019

A Year Later, Section 232 Trade Action Continues to Fortify Steel and Aluminum Industries

On March 1, 2018, Trump heralded his intent to safeguard America’s steel and aluminum.
Mar 27 2018
Press Release

New U.S.-South Korea Agreement Will Help Protect American Workers and National Security

Ambassador Robert Lighthizer’s trade strategy shows signs of progress The administration announced on Tuesday a trade agreement that curbs South Korean steel exports to the United States to 70...
Sep 22 2017
Press Release

Delay in Steel Trade Review a Mistake: AAM Statement

Administration delays steel and aluminum imports investigation days after meeting with steelworkers. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC on Friday that delayed national investigations into steel...
Sep 13 2017
Press Release

Military Leaders Urge President Trump to Safeguard American Steel and Aluminum

President should use "all available tools" to equip military and secure critical infrastructure, general and flag officers write. Ten retired U.S. military leaders wrote to President Trump...