National Security

May 30 2023

Why Elon Musk’s Trip to China is Alarming

A lot of people dislike the billionaire because of what he's done to Twitter. But Musk's increasingly close ties with China's authoritarian government should also raise some red flags.
May 23 2023

Congress Gets Closer to Closing an Infrastructure Loophole that Benefits a Chinese State-Owned Firm

Thanks to flawed implementation of the 2019 TIVSA law, four major U.S. cities received a lifetime exemption. That could change soon.
May 19 2023

Former USTR Robert Lighthizer tells Congress the CCP “May Be the Most Perilous Adversary We’ve Ever Had”

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held its third hearing on Wednesday, further exploring how to meet the challenges posed by China’s economic aggression.
Jan 17 2023

Wow, Things are Really Bad at the CRRC Factory in Massachusetts

The Chinese state-owned company severely underbid to nab a taxpayer-funded contract to build new rail cars for Boston's subway system. It hasn't gone great.
Jan 05 2023

Remember the CRRC Boston Rail Car Project? It’s Shaping Up to be Quite the Boondoggle

There were big concerns raised when the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority picked a Chinese state-owned company to build its new rail cars. Now it appears the project has gone completely off...
Sep 29 2022

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Make Sure Technology Invented in the USA is Made in the USA

The Invent Here, Make Here for Homeland Security Act passed a key Senate committee on Wednesday.
Sep 27 2022

Bipartisan Group of House and Senate Leaders Calls on Biden to Regulate Outbound Investments

The lawmakers urge President Biden to issue an executive order to institute outbound investment reviews.
Aug 23 2022

United Steelworkers Continue to Help Metalworkers in Ukraine Fight Russian Aggression

Workers at the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih facility are in the line of fire, and the USW is raising money for basic supplies like sleeping bags and first aid kits.
Jun 10 2022

Commission Examines Critical Vulnerability in the Global Supply Chain: China

China’s chokehold on critical minerals and manufacturing threatens U.S. national security, experts said during a U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission hearing. Witnesses testified...
Apr 27 2022

The U.S. Has Needed to Shore Up Its Defense Industrial Base For Years. Now It’s Even More Urgent

The Senate Armed Services Committee heard testimony this week on the health of America’s defense industrial base. It's clear it needs a boost.