Feb 24 2021
Research Security

President Biden Just Signed an Executive Order to Examine Supply Chain Weaknesses. Here’s What He Should Do Next

The United States learned the hard way what happens when you become reliant on imports for critical goods. It’s time to do something about it.
Aug 04 2020

Physicians Urge Government Action to Boost Domestic Manufacturing

Manufacturers can’t do this alone. And they shouldn’t have to.
Jul 24 2020

Reshoring Medical Supply Chains Isn’t Going to be Easy

House committee gets an earful on what reshoring medical goods production will look like.
Jul 22 2020

China is the Topic of the Day on Capitol Hill

Two Senate committees met on Wednesday to study ways to counter China's regime.
Jul 21 2020

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Secure Made in USA PPE “Armor” for Frontline Workers

Rep. Slotkin seeks U.S. supply chain solutions before the next disaster.
Jul 13 2020
Research Security

Why Does the United States Still Not Have Enough PPE?

Many manufacturers did their part, but federal coordination is desperately needed.
Jul 07 2020

FBI Director: China’s Regime Wants to Become World’s Only Superpower “By Any Means Necessary”

Christopher Wray's warnings won't come as a surprise to many U.S. manufacturers and workers.
Jun 30 2020

Rubio and Warren Introduce Bill for Increased Scrutiny of U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Threat of Chinese aggression and lasting outbreaks endangers drug supply.
Jun 15 2020

Once Banned, China’s CIMC-Tianda Now Wants to Build Boarding Bridges at U.S. Airports

The Chinese state-backed company stole the intellectual property of Jetway Systems.
Jun 11 2020

Bipartisan Members of Congress Introduce Bill to Reshore Semiconductor Manufacturing

CHIPS for America Act aims to advance American technology, create jobs and ensure national security.