Dec 15 2022
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America’s Steelmakers and Workers are “Well-Positioned” to Lead the Way on Clean Steel

The reason: Steel manufacturers in the United States already produce “some of the cleanest steel in the world,” according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group.
Dec 06 2022
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U.S. and EU are Said to Be Weighing “Climate-Based Tariffs” on Chinese Steel

China's massive steel sector not only drives the global overcapacity problem, it also contributes mightily to carbon emissions.
Jul 26 2022
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More Highlights from the ITC Hearings on Section 232 and 301 Tariffs

Steel companies and the United Steelworkers told commissioners that trade enforcement measures helped stabilize the industry – and led to lower carbon emissions.
Dec 10 2021
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Steelworkers Remember When Imports from Japan Caused a Crisis — and Draw Parallels to Today

As the U.S. and Japan look to make a deal on steel, we look back at an earlier time when dumped imports threatened American industry.
Aug 31 2021
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Well, How About That! China’s Government Cut Steel Production

It’s almost as if leaders in Beijing could help resolve the global steel overcapacity crisis if they wanted to.
May 17 2021
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U.S., E.U. Announce Diplomatic Talks to Address Steel Overcapacity

While the talks will be an important in the effort to rein in excess steel capacity, it is essential they bring about measurable, enforceable results that will prevent another devastating surge in...
May 10 2021
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Congressman: Maintaining a Strong Steel Industry is a “Matter of National Security”

Rep. Frank Mrvan (D-Ind.), who toured the Burns Harbor steelmaking facility on Monday, also voiced support for a major infrastructure investment package.
Mar 24 2021
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New Report: Section 232 Trade Enforcement on Steel Imports Worked

The Economic Policy Institute finds the 2018 action stopped the surge of steel imports (without impacting the cost of products like motor vehicles and household appliances). But removing Section 232...
Jan 11 2021

Domestic Steelmakers Call on Biden to Maintain Tariffs

Keep them up until global overcapacity is addressed, industry groups say.
Oct 28 2020

There’s Reason to Celebrate in Fairfield, Alabama

On Monday, U.S. Steel officially announced the successful startup of its new $412 million electric arc furnace at Fairfield Works, which it says will be able to produce 1.6 million tons of steel per...