Supply Chains

Jun 14 2021

Experts Make the Case for Reshoring the U.S. Medical Supply Industry

It’s essential for U.S. national security and the economy at large to make pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in the United States, panelists agreed during an online event.
Jun 08 2021

Biden Administration Unveils Plans to Shore-Up Supply Chains

The White House aims to bolster national security efforts by reshoring production of critical products like semiconductors, batteries, rare earth minerals and pharmaceuticals.
Jun 08 2021
Press Release Supply Chains

AAM President Scott Paul: There’s “a Lot to Like” in the White House’s Supply Chain Report

Washington, D.C. – The White House on Tuesday unveiled the findings of its 100-day review of America’s supply chains, which includes plans to boost domestic manufacturing...
Mar 18 2021

Forced Labor is Ubiquitous in Global Supply Chains. What Can We Do About It?

Experts tell the Senate Finance Committee that strong enforcement is needed, which must include consequences for American companies that import products made with forced labor.
Mar 16 2021

Supply Chain Investment is Needed Now – or the U.S. Will Continue to Fall Behind, Industry and Labor Officials Tell Senators

The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday examined the impact of the tax code on American manufacturing and critical supply chains.
Mar 04 2021

United Steelworkers President Tom Conway on “Keeping America Free”

It's not enough to assemble finished products in the United States. We also need to make sure we have the supply chain to make those products, too.
Mar 01 2021

As Semiconductor Shortages Continue, Auto State Governors Urge Biden to Act

There is growing bipartisan agreement that something big needs to be done to address this crisis.