Jul 17 2024
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Chinese Overcapacity Played a Role in a Steel Plant Closure in Oregon

Former employee Charles Lehrer on how surging imports and a lack of investment led to the closure of a 121-year-old factory in Portland.
Jul 10 2024
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Biden Administration is Correct in Strengthening Mexican Steel and Aluminum Import Trade Rules

Beijing has long used third-party countries to evade tariffs, with Mexico deployed as its latest backdoor into the U.S.  Washington, D.C. — The Biden administration rightly took action on...
Jul 08 2024
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Steel and Aluminum Groups Call for Action to Stop China from Exploiting Third-Party Countries to Dodge U.S. Tariffs

Organizations representing steel and aluminum manufacturers say the U.S. must do more to counter circumvention of U.S. trade laws. They aren't the only industries feeling the pain, either.
Jun 11 2024
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Update: The European Union Places Provisional Tariffs on Chinese Auto Imports

The Biden administration just raised U.S. tariffs on Chinese vehicles, but international coordination is critical to countering China's overcapacity.
May 15 2024
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Q&A with Jamie Walker: Why American Shipbuilding is Worth Fighting For

The United Steelworkers (USW) sub-district director explains why his union is leading the effort to strengthen and grow American shipbuilding, which has been decimated in recent decades.
May 09 2024
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What’s Happening at Ports in Belgium Should Worry American Automakers — and Policymakers

We've been warning about what the impending flood of cheap autos from China will do to the U.S. auto market. It's already happening in Europe.
May 08 2024
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Vietnam is Not a Market Economy

There's a push from both Vietnamese officials and special interest groups to change the country's status. Doing so would be a mistake.
May 02 2024
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America is at a Crossroads on Trade

AAM President Scott Paul, in testimony before the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, argues that the United States must learn from its past mistakes and pivot to a new era.
May 02 2024
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It’s Zero Hour for American Trade Policy

The Biden Administration and Congress Must Reject Past Trade Mistakes, AAM President Urges in USTR Hearing Washington, D.C. — The fate of America’s manufacturing rebirth and the livelihoods...
May 01 2024
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Audits are Not Effective in Exposing Human Rights Abuses in China, Experts Testify

Many companies with a manufacturing presence in China use audits to check for rights violations. But China's government is adept at disguising its bad practices -- and if all else fails, is willing...