Sep 30 2020

It’s a Bad Economy for Manufacturing Workers

While the noise of the presidential debate still rings in everyone's ears, America sets another trade deficit record.
Sep 29 2020
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It’s What Didn’t Come Up During the First Presidential Debate That Caught Our Ear

China wasn't really discussed. But China's government was paying attention.
Sep 17 2020

Senate Democrats Want to Invest $350 Billion to Grow U.S. Industrial Capacity and Counter China

Senate Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to invest $350 billion to strengthen America’s industrial capabilities while also aiming to weaken China’s growing global influence.
Sep 10 2020

New White Paper Details the Unique Challenges Facing a Critical Industry

The paper examines some some of the lessons from the last major recession and the difficulties the industry faces this time around.
Sep 02 2020
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No One’s Hitting Their Commitments in the U.S-China “Phase 1” Trade Deal

Everybody's got a lot more buying to do.
Aug 28 2020

Trump Attacks Biden on China and Trade on the Final Night of the RNC

Trump specifically went after Biden for his prior support of NAFTA and China's entry into the WTO.
Aug 27 2020
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At the RNC, VP Mike Pence Criticizes Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden on China

But other than that, trade and manufacturing didn't really come up.
Aug 25 2020
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On the Second Night of the Republican Convention, Trade is a Topic

A mayor from the Minnesota Iron Range brings up the Section 232 steel tariffs.
Aug 25 2020

Manufacturing Comes Up on the First Night of the Republican National Convention

As with the DNC, there weren't many surprises when it came to factory issues.
Aug 12 2020

Customs and Border Protection to Detain Clothing Manufactured by Prison Labor in China

The agency has issued four such detention orders against Chinese companies since September 2019.