Sep 13 2023
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China Has a Huge Car Overcapacity Problem, and It’s Building an Armada to Ship It Worldwide

Tariffs are largely keeping Chinese autos from flooding the U.S. market, for now.
Sep 11 2023
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They Don’t Make Things Like They Used To

Offshoring led to millions of lost jobs and weakened America’s national and economic security. But it also meant that stuff isn’t as well made.
Sep 07 2023
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U.S. Trade Enforcement Works. We Should Make Its Tools Even Stronger.

Trade cheating is a threat to American workers, and the exercise of enforcement tools is vital if we want the rules of international trade to remain fair.
Aug 30 2023
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SHEIN and Forever 21 Are Teaming Up in a Race to the Bottom

SHEIN already saturates the online marketplace. Now, it could be aiming to take over a mall near you.
Aug 28 2023
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The “Great Reallocation” of Global Supply Chains is Happening, But China is Still a Major Player

A new study presented at the Jackson Hole Symposium adds to the evidence that the U.S. is importing from other nations, and increasing its own production capabilities. But don't count China out yet.
Aug 17 2023
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Commerce Department Finds China, Germany and Canada Are Dumping Tin Mill Products into U.S. Market 

A final ruling is set for January 2024.
Aug 17 2023
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Commerce Finds China, Germany and Canada Are Dumping Tin Mill Products into U.S. Market: AAM Statement

Washington, D.C. –  The Commerce Department announced on Thursday its preliminary finding that tin mill products from China, Germany and Canada are being unfairly priced and dumped into the...
Aug 04 2023
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Mexico is Sending More Goods to the United States. China is Sending More Goods to Mexico.

Aug 03 2023
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Top Republican Presidential Candidates Support Ending China’s Normalized Trade Status

They have a point!
Jul 25 2023
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How Barbie’s Failure in China Provides a Lesson for Other Industries

Corporate America spent two decades selling out the middle class in the hopes of making money off of China's massive market. The plan is failing.