Mar 03 2021
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The Biden Administration Releases its Trade Policy Agenda

Meanwhile, another cabinet secretary with a big role to play in economic policy is confirmed.
Feb 25 2021
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USTR Nominee Katherine Tai Says She Wants to Make Sure Trade “Works for Our Workers”

A veteran of D.C. policy circles, Tai is expected to be confirmed as USTR.
Feb 19 2021
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Congress is Considering a Xinjiang Import Ban Again

This time, there's the State Department's genocide label to consider.
Feb 17 2021

China Mulls Export Rules for Rare Earth Elements

The Biden administration, meanwhile, orders a review of critical domestic manufacturing industries.
Feb 08 2021
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WTO is Finally Poised to Confirm a New Director-General. It’s the Easiest Problem to Solve.

The Biden administration announced it is officially backing Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, clearing a path for her confirmation. She’s got a lot of work to do.
Jan 12 2021

New Report: China’s Solar Companies Use Forced Labor

Researchers at Horizon Advisory found forced labor in Xinjiang is likely being utilized by China's polysilicon industry and related supply chain.
Jan 11 2021

Domestic Steelmakers Call on Biden to Maintain Tariffs

Keep them up until global overcapacity is addressed, industry groups say.
Dec 04 2020

The Director of National Intelligence Just Called China the Challenge of our Generation. So What Do We Do Now?

A key government commission has a few ideas. Nineteen, to be exact.
Dec 01 2020

Thursday Event to Examine How President-elect Joe Biden Can Build Back Better

We’re holding a virtual discussion to put forth a blueprint for the incoming commander-in-chief.
Nov 30 2020

Remembering Larry Willis

AAM’s own Brian Lombardozzi reflects on a “a great man who dedicated his life to helping people.”