Sep 21 2022
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Remember: It’s Not Industrial Policy Without Trade Enforcement

Ensuring fair play is a continuous effort.
Sep 19 2022
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Fast Fashion Behemoth Shein’s Gonna Open up Some Enormous U.S. Warehouses

What will it mean for the China-based importer's business model?
Sep 06 2022
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Biden Administration Will Keep Tariffs on Chinese Imports, At Least For Now

The U.S. Trade Representative will continue to review the tariffs, but they'll stay on the books during the investigation.
Jul 21 2022
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Revoking Tariffs Would Be “Ill Conceived and Inherently Flawed,” AAM President Scott Paul Tells ITC

Paul testified at virtual hearing examining Section 232 and 301 trade enforcement actions -- and he urged officials to keep the measures in place.
Jul 18 2022
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CALL YOUR SENATORS: Tell Them to Include Trade Tools in Competitiveness Legislation

It's crunch time. Senators must include the Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0 in competitiveness and innovation legislation.
Jul 05 2022
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A Reminder Lifting Tariffs Won’t Fix Inflation, But Will Cause Other Problems

President Biden is still said to be considering revoking tariffs on imports from China. He shouldn't!
Jul 01 2022
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U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai on the Biden Administration’s Trade Agenda

The Biden administration is focused on building a trade policy that grows the economy "from the bottom up and middle out," Tai says.
Jun 23 2022
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Shein, TikTok’s Favorite Fast Fashion Brand, is Very Bad in So Many Ways

The China-based company ships its incredibly cheap clothing directly to consumers, allowing it to dodge U.S. trade enforcement. It also stands accused of a whole lot of other bad practices.
Jun 14 2022
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Ten Reasons President Biden Should Not Lift Tariffs on Imports from China

Doing so would be a very big mistake.
Jun 14 2022
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The WTO is Meeting for the First Time in Years. Can It Survive?

The 12th Ministerial Conference comes at a time when many countries, including the United States, are shifting away from unfettered free trade and the global institution set up to encourage it.