May 11 2022
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Commerce Secretary Tells Senators Her Agency is “Obligated” to Conduct Investigation into Solar Imports

Testifying before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee, Secretary Gina Raimondo also emphasized the urgency for Congress to pass competitiveness legislation.
May 05 2022
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Commerce Department Investigation Into Solar Imports Must Move Forward — and Not Be Rushed

The United States cannot truly transition to clean energy if we remain dependent on dirty imports from China.
May 02 2022
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Let’s Check On What’s Happening in the Solar Industry 

The Commerce Department is investigating whether Chinese solar panel companies are avoiding U.S. tariffs by sending products through four Asian countries. Importers are freaking out -- but what do...
Apr 19 2022
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AAM’s Scott Paul to ITC: Globalization Harmed All Workers, But Black Workers Suffered the Most

Millions of factory jobs have been lost in recent decades, obliterating a powerful pathway to economic stability.
Apr 07 2022
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Senate Votes 100-0 to Strip Russia of Its Normalized Trade Relations Status — and Ban Russian Oil

Legislation to revoke Russia's permanent normal trade relations status and ban Russian oil imports hit procedural delays. But, the Senate ultimately delivered.
Apr 01 2022
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Level the Playing Field Act 2.0 is “Exactly in the Spirit of What We Need,” USTR Tai Says

As Beijing continues to flout global trade rules, USTR Katherine Tai has called for "new domestic trade tools." The Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0 is the answer to that call.
Mar 30 2022
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USTR Katherine Tai Calls for the U.S. to “Turn the Page on the Old Playbook”

"We need to start to change things on our side, and that’s the development of tools; that’s the investments; that’s the reshoring and the rebuilding of our manufacturing base," Tai said.
Mar 29 2022
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The Commerce Department is Looking into Allegations of Circumvention Against Chinese Solar Manufacturers

Petition argues imports from third countries have skirted duties for years.
Mar 24 2022
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Why It’s a Strategic Mistake to Reinstate Tariff Exclusions on Imports from China

The U.S. Trade Representative announced on Wednesday that it will renew 352 of 549 exclusions to tariffs originally issued by the Trump administration.
Mar 23 2022
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U.S., U.K. Reach a Deal on American Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

A quota system for UK imports, as well as a melted-and-poured standard and production audits for Chinese-owned steelmakers.