May 31 2023
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America Needs Outbound Investment Review, Treasury Official Attests

The Senate Banking Committee explored how to oppose China's threat to America's national and economic security Wednesday.
May 24 2023
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Goods Made with Uyghur Forced Labor Still Likely Entering the U.S., Key Congressional Panel Finds

The Select Committee on the CCP unanimously approved new policy proposals for addressing the Uyghur genocide and tensions in Taiwan.
May 12 2023
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Bipartisan Bill Aims to Stop the Offshoring of Manufacturing Critical to National Security

The National Critical Capabilities Defense Act would establish a review process for the potential offshoring of supply chains to rivals like Russia and China.
May 09 2023
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Trade Enforcement is Critical to Securing Supply Chains and Supporting U.S. Workers, Witnesses Tell House Panel

At a House Ways and Means Committee field hearing, witnesses offer a number of ideas for strengthening manufacturing by enforcing our trade laws.
May 04 2023
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Congressional Pressure on SHEIN and Temu Increases — and on Nike and Adidas, Too

Policymakers have questions for the companies about allegations that they use forced Uyghur labor to make their products.
May 02 2023
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Bipartisan Lawmakers Ask SEC to Crack Down on SHEIN’s Alleged Forced Labor Use

With the online fast fashion retailer reportedly aiming to go public, lawmakers want the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to make SHEIN prove it doesn't use forced labor.
Apr 20 2023
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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says U.S. Isn’t Seeking a “Winner Take All” Competition with China

With tensions between the U.S. and China rising -- and many policymakers calling for tougher action -- Yellen attempted to dial down the rhetoric.
Apr 19 2023
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Modern Trade Tools and Stronger Enforcement Needed to Counter China’s Predatory Practices, Experts Tell Congress

There's bipartisan recognition that China's weaponization of trade poses a threat to America's economic and national security. Now it's time to do something about it.
Apr 17 2023
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SHEIN and Temu are “Outmaneuvering Regulators,” Key U.S. Commission Warns

Bad behavior allowed the Chinese e-commerce platforms to dominate the fast fashion market, and policymakers must mount a response.
Apr 17 2023
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Biden Administration May Impose Further Tariffs on Chinese Imports

And new Pew Research Center polling highlights Americans’ increasingly unfavorable view of China.