Jun 26 2022

A Historic Mill is Closing in Wisconsin, but the Paper Industry is Humming

There’s a healthy job market for experienced workers in Green Bay’s paper mills.
Apr 21 2021

Wisconsin and Foxconn Have a New Deal, and It’s Much Smaller

As job creation and investment expectations dropped, so did the state's promised subsidies
Oct 13 2020

Wisconsin Announces No Tax Credits This Year for Foxconn. Again.

Looks like we got a bona fide boondoggle on our hands.
Sep 01 2014

Tracking currency manipulation: Has your representative signed onto HR 1276?

The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, formally known as HR 1276, was introduced to the 113th Congress by U.S. Representatives Sandy Levin (D-MI), Tim Murphy (R-PA), Tim Ryan (D-OH), and Mo Brooks...