Oct 07 2021
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Democrats Discover Where They’ve Lost Voters: In Factory Towns

That's according to a new report, written by Democrats, analyzing the results of recent federal elections in the industrial heartland.
Oct 06 2021
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How Can Manufacturers Recruit More Women?

Experts examined ways to bring more women onto the factory floor – and ensure they are able to stay there, too.
May 21 2021
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An Extra $300 per Week Isn’t What’s Keeping Workers Home

If you raise wages and offer training, they'll come back.
Apr 26 2021
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Apple Is Coming to the Tar Heel State

North Carolina lands the tech titan's big new campus -- and the promise of 3,000 R&D jobs.
Apr 21 2021

Wisconsin and Foxconn Have a New Deal, and It’s Much Smaller

As job creation and investment expectations dropped, so did the state's promised subsidies
Mar 22 2021
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How Best to Introduce Diversity and Equity into the Industrial Workforce?

An online event hosted by the Urban Manufacturing Alliance offers a few examples.
Feb 22 2021
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Bring Me My Electric Astro Van: A Look at GM’s Plans To Build Electric Vehicles

The company's shift to EV production is an example in action of the dynamism that manufacturing demands.
Feb 09 2021
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Keeping Ex-Convicts Out of the Labor Force Is a Mistake

A panel discussion examines the challenges the formerly incarcerated face in finding jobs.
Nov 02 2020

What are we watching for in 2021?

A few broad policy priorities for the Alliance for American Manufacturing.
Sep 17 2020

Senate Democrats Want to Invest $350 Billion to Grow U.S. Industrial Capacity and Counter China

Senate Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to invest $350 billion to strengthen America’s industrial capabilities while also aiming to weaken China’s growing global influence.