Sep 17 2020

Senate Democrats Want to Invest $350 Billion to Grow U.S. Industrial Capacity and Counter China

Senate Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to invest $350 billion to strengthen America’s industrial capabilities while also aiming to weaken China’s growing global influence.
Sep 15 2020

A Post-Coronavirus Economy Needs a More Diverse Manufacturing Workforce

The pandemic hit communities of color hard. The need to clear pathways for these groups to enter manufacturing is more urgent than ever.
Sep 11 2020
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When We Upskill the Workforce, We Need to Bring Everyone Along

The National Skills Coalition has laid out a policy agenda for inclusive workforce training.
Aug 05 2020

After Facing Racial Discrimination at His Paper Mill, Alex Perkins Sprung Into Action

Perkins joined the United Steelworkers to help do “right by working class people.”
Jul 30 2020

AAM Remembers Our Friend Don Kellner

The Baltimore native, who died on July 28, was a tireless advocate for steelworkers.
Jul 28 2020

AAM Letter to Congress: Pandemic Response Should Include Industrial Policy

We must be better prepared for the next crisis, and that requires taking bold action.
Jul 16 2020

As a Black Woman in a Factory Dominated by White Men, Monica Mabin Faced Double Discrimination

"You are fooling with the wrong Black woman," Mabin recalls telling one supervisor.
Jul 01 2020

No Stranger to Adversity, Syracuse Steelworker Keith Odume is an Advocate for Change

"Everyday is a fight for humanity... you just have to do the right thing," Odume said.
Jun 25 2020
Blog Workforce

Experts Examine Ways to Build Equity and Diversity in Manufacturing

The Century Foundation and Urban Manufacturing Alliance partnered for a special webinar.
Jun 01 2020

A Message from Scott Paul: Unmade in America

How industrial flight is reflected in the crises America is facing today.