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Here’s the kind of story we like to see: The Wall Street Journal reports that the Department of Defense (DOD) has reviewed a loophole to the Berry Amendment that allows Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel to purchase footwear not made in the USA.

The Berry Amendment, you’ll recall, is a longstanding rule that directs DOD to buy domestic textile products when equipping our troops. But there's a loophole in it that allows the purchase of athletic shoes made overseas based on a faulty, we-just-don’t-make-it-in-America logic.  This is silly, though, because there are still shoes made in America, and some dang good ones at that:

From the story:

‘It’s mind-boggling why the president doesn't do an executive order’ requiring the Defense Department to buy U.S. made sneakers, Rep. Michaud said. Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, said: ‘The president keeps saying he wants to promote American manufacturing. Well, here's a chance.’

That’s some strong stuff. We like it. Read the whole thing here.