Special Edition: What Will Happen Next in the China Trade Debate?

Ahead of Chinese Vice Premier Liu He's visit to the White House this week, podcast host Scott Paul and the Alliance for American Manufacturing's Scott Boos look into the future of U.S.-China trade relations, discuss whether the global trading system is broken, and answer listener questions.

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The American Dream Realized from the Factory Floor

When “Ted” Tadeusz Szarek immigrated from Poland to America in 1974, jobs were scarce. But at Wheatland Tube in Chicago, he found a career that has spanned 43 years and supported his family. Listen to learn why American manufacturing and steel matter so much to Ted and his community.

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Why This CEO Backs Steel Tariffs—Even Though His Business Depends on Buying Steel

When President Donald Trump announced trade action against steel imports in March, the CEO and executive chairman of North America's largest steel pipe and tube manufacturer granted each of his employees an annual $1,000 bonus for each year the steel tariffs are in place. Although his company must buy steel to make its own products, here's why Barry Zekelman believes steel tariffs are critical to America's success.

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Need a refresher on steel trade action?: https://soundcloud.com/keep-it-made-in-america

Design School Graduate Sews Her Way to Success

When Tori Tissell graduated from design school in 2011, she wasn't sure how she would make ends meet, let alone provide Christmas presents for all her friends and family. However, Tissell's ingenuity not only solved her Christmas troubles but also launched a business, Storiarts, that continues to grow today.

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Shop Storiarts: https://storiarts.com
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Special Edition: Your Questions on Trump’s Steel and Aluminum Trade Action Answered

How will steel tariffs impact other manufacturers? Will imposing tariffs start a trade war? What happens next for the steel and aluminum industries? Scott Paul and Scott Boos offer answers to listener questions.

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