• American Workers Remind Us What Labor Day Is All About

    Posted by TGarland on 08/26/2014

    Labor Day is almost upon us — and let's make sure we remember what the upcoming 3-day weekend is all about.

    It’s not about the federal holiday, endless barbeques or the unofficial end to summer. Labor Day celebrates the American worker.

    The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) meets countless workers across the country who get up early, pack a lunch, punch a clock, and put in an honest day’s work. But they can explain it better than us. Find out what an American manufacturing job means to these five workers.

    A job in manufacturing gave Sher Harildstad economic security.


    Bryan Wood works with quality people doing quality work in Lone Star, Texas.


    Gayle Henderson is able to provide a livelihood for her family in Lorain, Ohio.


    David Clark and USW Local 1103’s jobs in Fairfield, AL support other jobs in the community.


    Steelworker Sherry Schultz knows jobs like hers secure the future for all Americans.

    For millions of Americans, manufacturing jobs provide an entry to the middle class. That’s because such jobs pay 38 percent more on average than other private sector jobs.

    Celebrate an American worker this Labor Day weekend.

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Everyone is up in arms about Burger King today.

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Last week there appeared in our inbox an email from Organizing for Action (OFA) that asked its readers a simple question: How best to get the economy going?

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By a vote of 5-0, the International Trade Commission (ITC) today followed a July 11 Commerce Department determination that South Korean companies are dumping Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) into the U.S. market.

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