• Drink Up with a Made in America Tervis Tumbler

    Posted by elizabethbb on 07/21/2014

    Looking for a way to cool off during the hot summer months? A Tervis tumbler will keep your drink cold in the heat.

    Founded in Detroit in 1946, the family-owned and operated company is famous for its insulated plastic cups for both cold and hot beverages. The brand’s unique name comes from its founders, engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, who combined the last three letters of their last names to create the word, “Tervis.”

    The drinkware company’s products are now crafted by a team of more than 900 people in North Venice, FL, where the company is headquartered. Kathy Greif, vice president of Marketing, explains that the company's Made in the USA commitment is good for business:

    Not everybody knows that we make our products in America. And when they hear that, they’re just so proud to hear that we’ve been making our products in America since 1946, since we were created.

    The company first launched by offering customers a tall, cylindrical tumbler. Today, Tervis features a selection of eight sizes and an infinite array of customizable color and design selections, so anyone can find a tumbler to fit their personal style.

    And when you buy a Tervis tumbler, not only are you making an investment in American production — the hand-assembled products also come guaranteed a lifetime warranty.

    Tervis continues to grow. In 2011, the company opened nine stores and employed hundreds of new workers.  Tervis also debuted a new design in 2013 that features the phrase, “I Support ‘Made in America.” As Greif says:

    We hear over and over how important it is to buy made in America. It has created jobs for us at Tervis. And with the economy… it’s extra important. It’s creating jobs in America.

    Check out the Tervis line of products (or design your own!).

    AAM intern Lauren Pak authored this post.
    Photo credit: Frankenmuth River Place Shops.

Posted by TGarland 07/21/2014

It seems the Alliance for American Manufacturing isn’t the only one calling on Congress to pass a long-term, well-funded solution for the Highway Trust Fund.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, at the National Press Club today, reprimanded Congress for eyeing a short-term fix:

Posted by elizabethbb 07/21/2014

Happy Monday morning, and welcome to the Early Shift.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) crew is back home after last week's successful trip to Netroots Nation in Detroit. During our stay in the Motor City, Team AAM spread the word about ways that policymakers and others can support U.S. manufacturing, including investment in our nation’s infrastructure and support for Buy America policies. Among the highlights of our trip:

Posted by mmcmullan 07/18/2014

Bodacious Cases, the waterproof, protective, and customizable iPhone casemaker, wears its American-made heart on its sleeve. Founded on July 4, 2012, the company is headed by a partnership between CEO Arianna Russell, a young entrepreneur passionate about the Made In America cause; and Precise Mold and Engineering, which specializes in injection molding, thermo plastics, and thermoset plastics.

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