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Skipper Bags are a Must-Have for Summertime Fun.

The first day of summer is right around the corner, which means planning trips to the beach and enjoying time at the swimming pool. If you’re like me, you pack multiple items into a tiny bag that barely zippers shut by time you have everything you need.

Skipper Bags via Facebook

The list of items required to survive a day at the beach is never-ending. From sunscreen, snacks, towels, a change of clothes and more it becomes a struggle to find a bag that is sturdy enough to hold it all in. While the options for purchasing a tote bag is endless, a good bag comes down to quality, style, and durability.

When Jane Abell came across the same problem, she decided to create the perfect beach tote. She had a list of beach bag criteria that wasn’t being met by other big name companies, so she designed a tote bag for herself.

And thus, Skipper Bags was born.

“As an avid boater and beach goer, and also the mom of three young boys, I have lugged around multiple types of beach bags loaded to the brim, but they just weren’t all that cute or practical enough! I also wanted something that was packable or versatile enough to travel with,” Abell says. “My personal style reflects my upbringing, and I adore anything nautical or coastal-inspired; hence our tag line of ‘Inspired by the Sea.’”

More than 70 retail outlets in 20 states now sell Skipper Bags, which are manufactured in Maryland. “We could have had the totes made in mass quantity overseas for one-third of the price, but this was a decision that just felt like the right thing to do,” Abell says.

While beach and boat totes are the company’s most popular items, Skipper Bags also sells a selection of cross body skipper bags, custom nautical flag totes, wristlets, key fobs, bar accessories, and sunscreen totes. The tote bags are all made of waterproof, washable, bleach safe, fast drying fabric with rope handles that truly tie in the nautical and coastal theme of the collection.

“We could have had the totes made in mass quantity overseas for one-third of the price, but this was a decision that just felt like the right thing to do." Jane Abell, founder of Skipper Bags

There also are a variety of color combinations and designs. The base of the tote comes in navy blue, white or teal and you can select which design element you would like, including an anchor, starfish, crab, palm tree, pineapple, lobster, mermaid, whale, and turtle.

The traditional tote costs $78.00 while the cross body skipper bags come in at $48.00.

Not only is the tote bag versatile, packable, and easy to travel with, it’s the perfect bag for being on the go. If a vacation to the beach is coming up soon and you’re in need of a bag that you won’t mind getting a little sand on, Skipper Bags are a smart, American-made choice.

Check out Skipper Bags online.