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“Fanatical customer service is the lynchpin of our existence,” says Fox Creek Leathers founder.

Starting out in the 70s, Paul Trachy was just trying to make some extra money to support his family. But a simple hobby in leather work quickly became a lifestyle.

Fox Creek Leather has evolved over 40 years to become a well-known, family-run business selling motorcycle-related products – think jackets, boots, and luggage – from its home base in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and it prioritizes personalized products and customer satisfaction over everything.

As Trachy puts it: “Fanatical customer service is the lynchpin of our existence.”

Quality, after all, is the goal that Paul has been striving for after decades of learning about leather making.  As part of the commitment to quality, Fox Creek Leather sources its leather and makes its products in America to better guarantee product quality. From the company’s website:

It would be difficult to impossible to ensure that fair labor practices were being followed in a factory thousands of miles away. The quest for cheap labor regardless of the consequences wastes resources, is dehumanizing, and has ravaged many communities at home and abroad. 

Trachy has made sure a strong commitment to a great working environment is central to Fox Creek Leather. The workplace is “decentralized with no whip cracker,” he says, which leads to employees being promoted from within rather than hiring outside mangers.

Sounds like a good place to work! Check out Fox Creek Leather and its American-made products here.