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In honor of the hot weather that seems to stretch from coast to coast, we bring you…American-made surfboards.surfboard

Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, TURTLE Surfboards crafts American-made products, with a focus on the environment. According to the company’s website:

"A percent of all surfboard sales goes to (Caribbean Conservation Corporation) to help maintain and protect our coastal environments."

One of TURTLE Surfboard’s goals is to give back to the environment, but by making its surfboards in America they are also helping to grow the economy.

Two summers ago, senior editor Patrick Rizzo reported on the status of surfboards being manufactured outside of the United States. In his article Rizzo explained:

Ever since the top U.S. producer of surfboard blanks suddenly announced it was closing shop in 2005, the surfboard market has been awash with cheaper imports from Asia. To many small, backyard producers, those two events were the worst things that ever happened to a sport invented by Hawaiians hundreds of years before white men set foot on their islands.”

Even with the odds against them, and judging by the reviews on the company's testimonial page, TURTLE Surfboards is doing well.

To learn more about TURTLE Surfboards or to invest in your own custom board, click here.