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Welcome to the first in what is sure to be a string of 'Too Much Information'-themed posts pertaining to the life of yours truly.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of my personal belongings are falling apart, or generally coming to the end of their life cycles. And of course, I want the replacement items I buy to be Made in America. So for the next few 'Made in Your City' features, you'll learn more about me, and the things my apartment and I am lacking.

Up first: reusable lunch bags.

I had one, but it is now torn and stained. Madison, Virginia-based reuseit sells machine-washable, cotton lunch bags that are made in the USA for a fair wage. The bags are comprised of recycled materials and are handmade with reinforced stitching.

And honestly, at $9.95 ... the bags are a steal.

Image from reuseit's website.