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Popular cookware company All-Clad was born in the Steel Age – and 20 miles south of the Steel City.

Cookware manufacturer All-Clad stands proud on the original ground where it was founded in 1971 in Canonsburg, Pa., still producing the American-made pot and pan collections that adorn households across America.

All-Clad cookware being hand inspected by an American craftsman. | Courtesy All-Clad

The company takes pride in its hand-crafted American-made copper, steel and aluminum cookware and focuses on the quality of each piece. Today, All-Clad claims to be the only bonded cookware manufacturer to use American craftsmen and American-made metals – sourced within 400 miles of Canonsburg – to produce collections that provide the ultimate cooking performance. 

Doing so reaps many benefits, according to Lisa Callaghan, director of culinary relations at All-Clad:

“We are able to give much better customer service because we are so close to the product. If someone has a problem, we can look into it and respond appropriately. If there is something wrong in the manufacturing process or something wrong in a batch of metal, we know immediately, which allows for a seamless and efficient change. There is so much more control and so much more ability to serve our consumer. It allows us to truly control the quality of what we make.”

We caution that not all of All-Clad's product line is Made in America. While all of All-Clad’s bonded metals products are American-made, single metal and electrical appliances are manufactured elsewhere. 

But the company has plenty of American-made products to choose from, including its popular Stainless collection. Accounting for about 50 percent of the company’s total sales, the Stainless collection - so named because the cookware has a stainless exterior - contains magnetic qualities that work on induction stove tops. The collection also has an aluminum interior between two layers of stainless steel, and an interior starburst finish to improve non-stick performance.

Other popular American-made products include:

  • The company’s original collection, Master Chef. Now called MC2, this cookware has a brushed aluminum exterior, meaning it has three layers of different metals, and the exterior layer is a very thick layer of brushed aluminum alloy. 
  • The d5 brushed and d5 polished collections allow for heat diffusion for the entire pan, from the bottom to the sidewalls.
  • The Copper Core collection, which is stainless steel cookware with copper in the middle. The combination of copper and aluminum allow for a rapid and even heat distribution.

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