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The 2014-15 NFL season kicks off tonight, with the Green Bay Packers squaring off against the current Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The gridiron showdown between the two teams is expected to be close, considering the talent and level of play on both sides.

But along with producing Super Bowl-winning teams, Green Bay and Seattle also are champions of the productive economy. So regardless of who claims victory tonight — although this blog writer is personally rooting for the Packers — both cities are winners in manufacturing.


Green Bay


Located in…



City Population



Number of Manufacturing Jobs in City
(July 2014)



Number of Manufacturing Jobs in State
July 2014)



City Nickname


The Emerald City

Manufacturing at a Glance

Printing and Publishing; Paper Products; Food Processing; Metal Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery and Fabricated Metal; Aerospace, Printing and Publishing; Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete products; Home and Office Furnishings, Food and Beverage Production

Noteworthy Manufacturers
Headquartered in the City


Seura (televisions); Green Bay Packaging (paper); American Foods Group and Schreiber Foods, Inc. (food);

Green Bay Manufacturing (metals)

Filson (apparel and accessories); Pacific Coast Feather Company (bedding); B&G Machine (industrial diesel engine repair); The Gear Works (industrial gears); Shale Snacks (snacks)

Other Leading Manufacturers
Operating in the City

Georgia-Pacific (paper); Procter & Gamble Paper Products;


Boeing (aviation)


This isn't the first time we’ve highlighted these two great cities — we took a look at Seattle’s manufacturing sector back in January, and Green Bay even hosted an Alliance for American Manufacturing town hall a few years ago that featured appearances by Packers players A.J. Hawk and Mason Crosby.

Did you know? Footballs used in every NFL game are made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio.