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Good afternoon,

and welcome to the Early Shift. Before we get going, here's a little something to chew on: The first Chevrolet Corvette was manufactured today in 1953.

Now let's get down to brass tacks. The Save Our Steel Jobs rallies have ended, but we’re still plenty focused on the trade case that could affect the livelihoods of thousands of steelworkers across the nation. And we’re not alone. Today we’ve got two opinions on the matter. One from Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers (and fresh from testifying on Capitol Hill); and the other from Tom Ridge, Homeland Security secretary during the George W. Bush administration.

Here’s Ridge:

Steel dumping by any foreign trade partner is not only unfair; it stunts new investment and destabilizes the domestic steel industry. Should the Commerce Department side with South Korean steel makers in its final determination due by July 10, the United States will lose many of the jobs that the expansion of the natural gas industry has helped to sustain and create.

Tell Washington to not let that happen. Tell your legislators to stand up for steel jobs!

Elsewhere: Far across the Pacific Ocean, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks march on.

And next month, we join the Netroots Nation. Our panel at the blogger convention — this year in Detroit — will talk about manufacturing’s historic role in America’s middle class. Click here to learn more.

That's it, and that's all, America. Keep an eye out for an updated #AAMeter this Thursday!


Photo by Flickr user Collector Car Ads, used following creative commons guidelines.

Photo by Flickr user Collector Car Ads, used following creative commons guidelines.