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ManufactureThis has been asking our readers to send us emails, photos, and videos of American-made household goods and clothing that they've purchased.  We thought we'd reach into our mailbag this week and post something from John Sellers, of Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.  John checked in to tell us about some of his favorite, top-quality, Made-in-USA purchases...

Hart Schaffner Marx suits and dress trousers [pictured]. Made in Chicago.

Allen Edmonds shoes and belts. Made in Milwaukee.

Tough Traveler soft side luggage and briefcasem  Made in Schenectady, NY.

All American Clothing blue jeans.  Made in Ohio.

John says that the All American blue jeans are a first-time purchase and he loves them: "Well made, good looking, comfortable, true to size and $39.99!"

Regarding the other products he listed, he told us that he's been using all of them for a long time "because they are quality made and last for years."