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Tell United Technologies not to offshore — but if they do, tell them to return taxpayer money.

Alliance for American Manufacturing field coordinator Mike Mitchell, who lives in Indiana, sent the message below to AAM's grassroots email list on Tuesday morning. More than 3,000 people already had taken action as of Tuesday afternoon.

It was bad enough when Indiana companies Carrier Corporation and United Technologies Electronic Controls announced that they are closing their Hoosier State factories and moving 2,100 jobs to Mexico. 

But now I just learned that the companies also received more than half a million dollars in state incentives!

As an Indiana resident, I’m outraged by this news. I bet you are, too.

Companies that offshore jobs shouldn’t be rewarded with taxpayer money. Join me in telling these companies to return these funds ASAP.

This is absolutely infuriating. Carrier and United Technologies Electronic Controls, both part of United Technologies Corp., took taxpayer money that was supposed to reward and help companies that do the right thing by manufacturing their products in Indiana.

And get this: Carrier also was awarded a clean energy tax credit worth $5.1 million for expanding production at its Indianapolis facility, which it is now closing! The company says it hasn’t received the tax credit and won’t claim it. Good.

Now it’s up to you and I to hold Carrier to their promise to return the money — and make sure that they and United Technologies Electronic Controls return all the rest of the taxpayer funding they received.

Companies That Offshore Shouldn't Keep Taxpayer Dollars

Companies that offshore jobs shouldn't be rewarded with taxpayer money designed to support those who do the right thing by manufacturing their products in the United States.

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