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AAM to weigh in at the MForesight Summit.

We’re gonna have a new president in a few months! Who’s it gonna be?

It’s hard to say, man. That’s what we have votes for. But people are paying attention. The debate on Monday between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had 84 million sets of eyeballs on it. That’s 84 million Americans who want to know which way the country is headed.

Whomever comes out on top, though, is gonna have to get right to the business of making the economy hum, because nearly everyone thinks our economy needs fixing.

Don’t worry; the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has some ideas.

AAM President Scott Paul will be participating in the MForesight Summit in Washington, DC on Thursday. He’ll be joining academics, think-tankers, and industry professionals to lay out what the next president – be it Donald or Hillary – will need to do to juice manufacturing employment in the United States. (For what it’s worth, U.S. factory job creation has stalled out over the past few years)

Prediction: It’s a safe bet that a significant increase in infrastructure spending, which both candidates have endorsed, is likely to be suggested.

on Thursday, we’ll be front row and center at the MForesight Summit. Follow along for live updates on Twitter, and keep an eye on our Facebook page as well.