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Looks like a trend is forming in manufacturing-heavy primary contests.

In Michigan, the exit polls of primary voters showed it was concerns over trade that pushed Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton.

In Ohio a week later, voters picked hometown favorite and incumbent Governor John Kasich, but they cited the same thing as they left the polls: Trade is a big concern.

Last night Wisconsin voted. Guess what the exit polls said?

You guessed right.

Trade’s a big deal, again. Again and again! Though this time, the results are a little more mixed. Among Republicans, primary voters overwhelmingly said trade leads to job loss, while voters on the Democratic side were split pretty evenly. This suggests to the wise election sages at the Alliance for American Manufacturing that trade policy will remain important to voters in states with big manufacturing footprints that have yet to vote – like Pennsylvania, which votes on April 26.

We remain super happy that trade is getting so much discussion on the campaign trail, and our position remains the same: Trade is good, as long as the rules are enforced. So let’s enforce the rules.

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