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Finally, a Fashion Friday for pets!

Winter is fast approaching and daily weather temperatures are falling precipitously across America. Many cold-climate residents will be out looking to buy a new, heavy winter coat for themselves, spouse or children this weekend.

This is a reminder to not forget your dog when stocking up on warm clothing. After all, your pooch is part of your family, too.

Don’t forget to check labels for a Made in America tag.

There is good news for your all-American dog covers and clothing search. You can find dog coats that are 100 percent manufactured in America at retail pet stores throughout the country.

These comfortable coats and covers come by way of the Clackamas, Oregon-based Gold Paw Series. It is a family-owned dog wear company that sews all of its clothing in the United States. They’re created at factories in Oregon and California. Gold Paw Series tries to mill its textiles in the United States, but also has to use imported fabric, because certain products are not milled in the U.S.

This environmentally friendly company has been making dog wear for more than 20 years. Not only do the coats keep your dog warm, they are loose-fitting and free of zippers and Velcro that can restrict your pet’s movement, especially when traveling by car.

We love that it stretches, is comfortable, and keeps our dog warm in the winter. AAM Field Coordinator Meghan Hasse

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Field Coordinator Meghan Hasse was traveling in Oregon when she wandered into a pet store and found the unique Gold Paw Series collection. She lives in Wisconsin and knows the problems that dog owners run into while trying to keep man’s best friend warm.

“We love that it stretches, is comfortable, and keeps our dog warm in the winter,” said Hasse, of her and her husband. “One of the best dog coats on the market. We will continue to buy Gold Paw Products because of their commitment to quality, design, and American workers.”

The sales market for all pet products in the United States continues to rise each year with American’s predicted to spend more than $60 billion in 2015 for goods that include food, vet care, and supplies according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). The sales numbers have continued to increase each year; total pet-related sales up from $17 billion in 1994.

APPA estimates there are nearly 78 million dog owners in the United States. So the market is there, and Gold Paw Series is meeting the demand.

Gold Paw Series offers four different kinds of fabric, many of which are custom made so you won’t find them anywhere else. The company creates its coats with Cirrus™ Fleece, Suppletec™,  Bionic® ECO Soft Shell, and Cloud Dimensional.

Cirrus™ Fleece contains seven percent spandex, with a four-way stretch that is made to fit any dog.  Suppletec™ is a water-proof fabric with a velvety-soft exterior. Bionic® ECO Soft Shell is a material that is soft and stretchy and has an interior which is made with extra-long fiber recycled polyester mesh for extra loft and warmth. Cloud Dimensional is an American-milled textile used in Gold Paw Series’ dog harnesses.

And if you live in a warm climate like South Florida, Gold Paw Series also offers a sun-shield type T-shirt to protect your dog’s skin from too much sun exposure.

So when shopping for your own needs or if you are looking for a doggie gift to put under the Christmas tree, search for Gold Paws Series American-made products.

Remember to always cherish your dog. It’s hard to find a friend so loyal.

To find a list of Gold Paw Series retail outlets or to make a purchase online, contact Gold Paw Series online