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And we're not done yet.

Looks like the Keep it Made in America Movement is making its voice heard.

Nearly 100,000 Americans have written to their Members of Congress to tell them to support good-paying American jobs by strengthening our trade laws and stopping currency cheating.

This groundswell of grassroots support could not come at a more important time, as Congress is nearing the end of a lengthy debate over the proposed trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). At issue — whether the TPP and related fast-track legislation will level the playing field for American workers by including strong, enforceable language to deter trade cheating and currency manipulation. 

With this rapidly growing movement is already 100,000 strong, support also continues to build on social media, where Americans from across the country are sharing their reasons for taking action. We shared some of these photos on the blog last week — and here are just a handful of the pictures that have been posted since then.


"Manufacturing is vital to Wisconsin's economy!" —Doug


"This country was built on manufacturing... I am so tired of us losing our edge!" —Chuck (pictured at the AISTech conference in Cleveland with Alliance for American Manufacturing's own Mike Mitchell).


"I support Fair Trade to bring Jobs back to America." —Brianne


"Helping out the U.S. Economy." —April and Melissa


"Currency Manipulation stinks!" —Darrell


"Fair Trade *NOT* Free Trade."


"Fair Trade is the only way!" —The McFalls


"Save our small business owners' companies." —Jane


"American jobs matter."


"I would like to give my children a good life and have great jobs for them in the U.S.A." —Holly


"We need transparency in Fair Trade Bill (TPA)." —Jane


"Trade enforcement means: Good Middle Class Jobs!" —Kevin


"Currency manipulation hurts our community!" 


"We are 'Garlock.' Made in Palmrya NY since the 1880s.!" —Leonard


"We make our own stuff." —Peggy


"Fair Trade = Steel Jobs."


"Let's keep American the land of opportunity." —Sarah


"I support 'Made in USA'" —Tim


"Congress wake the heck up and smack the guy next to you. This is the U.S. Who cares if other countries get mad at US for wanting fair trade?" —Tim


"I support fair trade to keep jobs in America." —Travis and Trey


"Fair trade not free trade." — Josh

AAM staffers Lou Delatore, Rachel Bennett Steury, Mark Musho, William Jones, Jennifer Drudge, Michael Mitchell, Meghan Hasse, Linda Murch, and Ken Poweski contributed to this report.

Trade's O.K. — But Only If It's Fair

Tell Congress: American manufacturing can benefit from trade, but only if foreign countries are deterred from trade cheating and currency manipulation.

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