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Carrier Corp. is sending jobs to Mexico. Home appliance giant Whirlpool is bringing them back.

You’ve probably seen this video on your social media feed over the course of the past week:



Carrier indianapolis plant is closing 2017

Posted by LaKeisha Austin on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


That’s the reaction of employees at the Carrier Corp. factory in Indianapolis after management announced (in a rather insensitive manner) that the company is laying off 1,400 workers and moving operations to a new plant in Monterrey, Mexico. United Technologies Corp., which owns Carrier, also said it will move 700 additional jobs to Mexico.

The announcement quickly drew ire from workers, union officials, state and local policymakers, and even GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. But it doesn’t look like much can be done to stop the offshoring of these jobs.

It’s hugely unfortunate, especially considering all evidence points to Carrier making money from its Indy plant. Then there’s the issue of tax credits, which Indiana officials say Carrier Corp. received to invest in the state — and which officials say they’ll try to get back.

But it’s Friday, and we want to end the week with some good news. Fortunately, there is some to share.

Whirlpool announced on Wednesday that it will invest $40.6 million to expand a dishwasher factory in Ohio. Doing so will create about 50 new jobs, the company said, and is just the latest move by Whirlpool to keep their vast product line Made in America.

According to a Whirlpool press release, the company has invested roughly $1 billion in new facilities and plant upgrades in the United States since 2010. A $40 million expansion of a manufacturing plant in Greenville, Ohio will create 400 new jobs by 2018, for example.

Said Jim Keppler, a Whirlpool vice president:

This is an important day for Whirlpool Corporation and another example of our ongoing commitment to American manufacturing. It represents not only an investment in the men and women of the Findlay plant, but also in the many others who assemble appliances at our eight additional U.S. manufacturing plants. We are proud to employ more U.S. appliance manufacturing employees than any other U.S.-based appliance manufacturer, and this investment is consistent with our leadership position in the industry.

And get this: While Carrier is moving is operations to Monterrey, Whirlpool actually brought jobs back to the United States from Monterrey. The company is spending $200 million in a facility in Clyde, Ohio that shifted about 100 jobs to the United States.

So: Shame on Carrier and United Technologies for taking advantage of taxpayer incentives only to turn around and abandon their U.S. employees.

But bravo to Whirlpool for continuing to do the right thing by American workers.