Buy America

Buy America

Under current law, domestic sourcing requirements apply to general government procurement, materials for highway and transit infrastructure investments, projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the Recovery Act) and elsewhere. This is not a new phenomenon; “Buy America” laws have been on the books for 70 years in this country.

As AAM showed in its February, 2010 study, Buy America is a proven job creation tool that is broadly supported by Congress, the American people and hundreds of local governments throughout the United States. Application of Buy America laws is particularly pressing as our nation struggles to emerge from a recession that has devastated the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Domestic sourcing laws comply with our international trade obligations and are utilized by numerous foreign governments. For all of these reasons, “Buy America” provisions should continue to be utilized in infrastructure and other spending bills so our manufacturing base can thrive and so more Americans can earn a paycheck and contribute to the overall welfare of the nation.

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