Information About Your State: Michigan

Total Employment (2000) 4,503,100
Manufacturing Jobs 2000 897,100
Manufacturing Jobs 2010 573,600
Manufacturing Jobs Lost 2008-2009 24%
Jobs Lost due to Trade with China, 2001-2010 68,700
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Images from Michigan

Mary recently lost her job in a local hospital.
Diggin in
Rachel Bennett Steury
Matt Steury
Steven Capazolla - AAM Communications
Midland Michigan USW Table
Congressman Mark Schauer
Lance Enderle - Democratic Candidate for Congress
MI AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney and Tri Com's Molly F. from Tri Com
Bill Rayl & Amada Proctor
Amanda Proctor and Molly from Tri-Com
Richard Wunsch - Green Party Candidate for Congress
Tri-Com's Scott T.
Mark Gaffney & Sharon Collins
Bloggers Dave Johnson & Marcy Wheeler
Scott Paul at Podium with crowd
Sharon Collins & Bill Rayl
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
SOAR Chapter table
Lancing Mayor Virgil Bernero
SOAR Participants Table
Rachel Bennett Steury - AAM Coordinator
Panel - Scott Paul; Mark Gaffney, Sharon Collins, Bill Rayl, Amanda Proctor
Congressman Mark Schauer
The Press Corps
Amanda Proctor being Interviewed by TriCom
Thanks to Mike Beattie for use of this photo.
Thanks to Mike Beattie for use of this photo.
Thanks to Bob's son Mike Beattie for use of this photo.
Robyn and her husband Todd both work at Bay City Powertrain.
Lyle Unger is one of about 600 workers who will lose their jobs when Tyler Refrigerator in Niles, MI, closes in 60 days
Jennie was forced into early retirement from Delphi in 2002. The plant has since closed.
As Verna Wilson and Robert Cuthrell stood side-by-side at a rally in Pontiac, Michigan, they shared the same concern: Would their pensions be safe? Robert Cuthrell worked at the GMC Orion plant for 32 years. He started on the assembly line and retired in 1993. Verna Wilson's husband worked at the same plant as Cuthrell. Now a widow, Wilson relies on the pension her husband earned at the Orion plant, and she can't afford to lose it.
A worker for the Sterling Heights assembly plant for 10 years, John Roberts brought an American flag with him to the city's rally. "I'm here to support America," he said.
Tracie Golabek's husband has been an electrician at Chrysler's Sterling Heights' assembly plant for 10 years. Tracie, a stay-at-home mom, wants her son Mason to have the exact same opportunity. She says that one thing everyone can do is to buy American. Products made in America are typically of better quality, and they don't necessarily cost more, she says.
A resident of Hamtramck, MI, Jerry Radziszewski worked for Chrysler for 30 years. He retired in 1994 with what he believed were full benefits. They took his dental and optical insurance away from him two weeks ago. Now he'll have to pay for it out of his pockets.
Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing, MI speaks to a crowd of hundreds of "Keep it Made in America" supporters.

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