Dalia Batuuka, Intern

As an intern here at AAM, Dalia works on completing tasks for AAM staff. Her duties include attending congressional meetings and hearings as well as events that target on issues that concern American-made goods and foreign trade. She also researches how American trade policies and practices are received on a global scale.

Before joining AAM, Dalia worked at Mayor Sylvester Turner’s office in Houston under his Trade and International Affairs Committee. She has participated in the International Model African Union’s annual summit held in Washington every year. Dalia has also worked as a contributor to the Disability Services office at Pennsylvania State University.

Dalia currently studies at Pennsylvania State University. She is pursuing undergraduate degrees in both Political Science and African Studies. After many years of researching global affairs and how development policies affect the Global South, Dalia aspires to pursue a career in Foreign Policy/Global Affairs with a concentration on Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.