Trump Must Turn Promises Into Action During Xi Visit

Balanced trade relationship with China long overdue

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) urged President Trump to rebalance trade with China in a letter sent prior to Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit this week.

The letter, published on, outlines the need for Trump to get tough on China's predatory trade practices by eliminating China's massive industrial overcapacity, reducing the trade deficit with China, and maintaining China's non-market economy status.

Said AAM President Scott Paul: 

"This week will put the president's campaign promises to the test. America workers demand action, and in many cases, their jobs depend on it. 

"It doesn't take a magician to see China's sleight of hand. Beijing's predatory trade practices have come at the cost of American jobs, and it will take bold leadership and aggressive action to bring some of these factory jobs back.

"We applaud the administration's focus on trade deficit reduction and encourage the establishment of clear priorities for expanding exports and prompting meaningful Chinese reform. 

“President Trump needs to set clear expectations for China curbing its massive industrial overcapacity. If China is unwilling to keep its past and future promises, there should be clear and enforceable penalties to force action.

“China should also know that there are no shortcuts to gaining market economy status under U.S. law. Beijing needs to get out of the way, unwind its state-owned companies, and allow market forces to dictate its economy. 

"It’s time to turn the president's words into real action. The U.S. is long overdue for a balanced approach to trade with China, and we hope President Trump will make that clear."

The United Steelworkers recently released a paper outlining China's legacy of broken promises. To read more visit