How American-made Is Your Car?

Newly released auto index identifies vehicles made in the USA

American University’s Kogod School of Business released its fifth annual American-made auto index Thursday. The index evaluates and ranks 419 car models based on their country of origin and their impact on the U.S. auto industry’s economic vitality to determine how "American-made" they really are.

The results show that U.S.-based manufacturers produce the most American-made autos with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US, Ford, and General Motors accounting for each of the top vehicles and 20 of the top 25. This includes the top two pick-ups (and six out of the top 10), the top four sedans (and 17 of top 25), and the top 10 SUVs (and 17 of the top 25).

Said Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul:

"The automotive sector has been a point of manufacturing pride for decades, and thanks to companies like Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors, this American story continues.

"According to this year's auto index, these U.S. companies lead the way when it comes to domestic-made cars. We cheer every car Made in America and note that the Traverse, Enclave and Acadia stand above the rest.

"Hundreds of thousands of factory jobs have been created and supported by American-made cars and trucks, but if the administration wants to save these jobs, lawmakers must commit to better trade policies. Currency manipulators must be held accountable and leaders must approach NAFTA's renegotiation with workers and U.S. businesses in mind.

"It is simple, when we support American car makers, we support American jobs. We hope this administration will do the same."