Manufacturing is at the heart of the U.S. economy, and it faces enormous outside threats. Here's how you can help.

Stand Up for American Workers

America's workforce can compete with anyone — as long as that competition is done on a level playing field.

Speak Out

Congress: Stop Currency Cheating to Save Jobs

Nearly 900,000 U.S. jobs were lost in 2013 due to the trade deficit with Japan. Even more could disappear if the TPP is approved without a provision to prevent currency manipulation.

Tell Congress

Support a National Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing is the heart of the U.S. economy, but we have no plan for revitalizing our manufacturing sector. Preparing one should be Washington's highest priority.

Voice Your Support

Buy American, and Invest in U.S. Workers

Do you want your tax dollars spent on steel and other goods from China? Demand that Washington stop outsourcing U.S. jobs. Support Buy America preferences for highways, bridges and other public works.

Buy America

An American-Made Defense

Our servicemen and women should be able to depend on their equipment. Tell Congress and the President to make access to high-quality U.S.-made arms and equipment their top priority.

Secure Our Military

Enforce Our Trade Laws

American manufacturers and workers can out-compete anyone, but only when the playing field is level. Urge Congress and the President to keep our trade laws strong and strictly enforced.

Make Trade Fair

Rebuild America

It's time we fix our roads, bridges, pipelines, railways, water systems, energy grids and create jobs. Tell Congress to pass a long-term investment plan to rebuild America's infrastructure.

Create American Jobs

Attend an Event

Don't sit idle. AAM and workers nationwide are fighting for American manufacturing jobs — and we want you to join us!

Take Part

National Manufacturing Day with Beth Macy

AAM is celebrating National Manufacturing Day by giving away a handful of signed copies of Factory Man, the new book by journalist Beth Macy.

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