Don’t Be Spooked! There’s Still Time to Find Made in America Candy for Halloween

By Monique Mansfield
Photo courtesy Dum Dums

Stock up for trick-or-treaters with these American-made candies.

No trick – it’s almost time to pass those treats out!

On Thursday, trick-or-treaters will swarm your doorstep in their most elaborate and creative costumes, but not to spook you. They only want one thing: CANDY!

In case you forgot to pick up treats for the Spooktacular holiday, we put together a helpful list of unique American-made candies that will do the trick. 

Albanese Confectionery specializes in making gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate and even sugar-free candy. Located in Merrillville, Ind., the company has been operating for more than 30 years and only uses ingredients sourced from American and European growers. Albanese candies can be purchased on directly from its website, on Amazon or at local retail stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger. 

Dum-Dums is one of the most recognized brands in candy, with a reputation for producing an assortment of lollipops. The Akron Candy Company first launched the popular brand in 1924 in Bellevue, Ohio. Now owned by Spangler Candy, Dum-Dums are currently made in Bryan, Ohio. Dum-Dums can be found online, Amazon, or at your local retail store.

If you’re feeling fancy, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company offers treats that are the perfect reward for the most amazing costumes. The oldest continuously operating chocolate maker in America, Ghiradelli specializes in manufacturing high quality chocolate squares, chocolate bars, hot cocoa and various baking mixes. These California-made treats can be purchased at your local retail store or online. 

Goetze Candy Company is a family-owned brand located in Baltimore that specializes in producing two types of flavored, chewy caramel and nut-free candies. The Caramel Creams known as “Bulls-Eyes” and “Cow Tales” were developed in the 1900s and have been evolving ever since. Some of the featured flavors include strawberry, vanilla, licorice, chocolate and caramel apple. Goetze Candy products can be purchased at Target, Amazon and online. 

Chances are you know this one: Hershey’s Chocolate Company has been making its treats in Pennsylvania since 1894 – there’s even a theme park in Hershey, Pa., dedicated to the brand. Although the company has gone global, it maintains several manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, including plants churning out treats like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat bars, Twizzlers, Hershey’s Kisses, and more. You can find Hershey’s products at retailers near you. 

Home to the Idaho Spud Candy, the Idaho Candy Company has produced over 50 different candy bars and a variety of boxed chocolates including the “Idaho Spud Bar,” the “Old Faithful Bar,” and the “Huckleberry Gems” bar. This company has operated in the same 23,000-square-foot facility in Boise for more than 100 years. With new upgrades and additional manufacturing floors, the Idaho Candy Company continues to make great treats, which can be purchased directly from specialty retailers nationwide, the company’s website or on Amazon. 

Founded in 1875, Sanders Candy was the first chocolate shop in Detroit. They specialize in producing chocolate candies, ice cream, dessert toppings and baked goods. The company operates nine Sanders Chocolate and Ice Cream Shoppes, with seven of those locations in metro Detroit and Mackinac Island. The variety of treat options include chocolate bars, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramels, mints, nuts, toffee & molasses, white ivory chocolates, chocolate covered fruits and specialty molded chocolates. These treats can be purchased directly from the website, from Amazon or from any of the nine in-store locations.