Don’t Forget to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts in Made in America Wrapping Paper

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
Dec 23 2016 |
Norman’s Printery designs and produces its line of wrapping paper in New Jersey. The company’s products can be found at locations throughout the United States.

Even big box retailers like Walmart and Target offer American-made options.

There's just TWO days until Christmas, and unless you've put off everything until the very last minute, you've probably finished the majority of your shopping. 

Now the hard part: Wrapping all those gifts. Ugh.

There's some good news, however. There are plenty of easy-to-find American-made wrapping paper options out there, which means this is an easy way to Keep it Made in America and support American jobs.

Even Walmart is getting in on the American-made gift wrapping action. Now, here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing, we've been critical of the retailer's campaign to create American manufacturing jobs. But we will give credit where credit is due — the big box giant has replaced at least some of its Made in China wrapping paper with paper made in Memphis, Tenn. Impact Innovations produced more than 20 million rolls of wrapping paper for Walmart this year, according to KNWA in Walmart's home state of Arkansas.

And Walmart isn't the only big retailer getting into the Made in America wrapping paper game, either. I found Made in America wrapping paper at Target this season (but be sure to check the label, as there also are imported options lining the shelves).

If you are looking for something extra special, check out the options offered by Rifle Paper Co., which also made our 2014 holiday gift guide. Here's a list of retailers that carry the company's products.

Nashville Wraps also offers a wide selection of Made in USA wrapping paper and gift bags, as does Norman's Printery (available at these retailers).

And if you still need to finish your holiday shopping, we have some ideas on how you can Keep it Made in America.