Made in USA At-Home Testing Kits and Other American-Made COVID Supplies

By Stockton Grunewald
Jan 05 2022 |
Abbott makes its BinaxNOW COVID-19 tests in facilities in Maine and Illinois. Photo by Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

As the country copes with the Omicron variant, we put together a list of supplies you may need.

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has kept a running list of N95 and other kinds of masks that are Made in the USA. Now, as the omicron variant continues to spread, and at-home testing becomes more important than ever, we decided to consolidate our Made in USA resources into an easy-to-use list to help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with this list, you can also search for “PPE” on our Made in America Directory.

At-Home Testing Kits  

With many laboratories laboring to put their own antigen or PCR tests on the market, at-home testing kits have become a practical alternative to those who do not have the time (or supply) for a drive through or location based COVID test. Manufacturers also are working to ramp up production in the coming weeks to respond to surging case numbers.

Abbott Labs’ BinaxNOW comes to consumers from two factories in Illinois and Maine, respectively. Abbott caught some flak earlier this year after eliminating their Illinois operation (and 2,000 jobs), but the recent spike in cases prompted the company to re-open that facility in September. Importantly, Abbott says that its at-home tests detect the Omicron variant.  

Florida’s own DemeTech, a manufacturer of medical equipment, is distributing Intrivo’s On/Go Antigen Test, which also includes an app that allows for storing and sharing test results. (DemeTech also manufactures N95 masks, so it could be a one-stop shop.) As of publication time, On/Go tests were available to buy at retailers like Amazon.

Quidel’s QuickVUe and Sofia SARS Antigen tests (which can be found at Walgreens) are Made in California. Just this past year, Quidel announced their intention to open a 128,000 square-foot facility in north San Diego County.  

Masks & Face Shields  

The transmissibility of the omicron variant has led public health experts to recommend that Americans put away cloth masks in favor of N95s or surgical masks, which can filter out a greater percentage of air particles containing COVID-19.  We’ve kept a close eye on the PPE marketplace as many American manufacturers started from scratch to fill this need, including via our popular blog post titled, Looking for Made in USA N95 Masks? Here Are 10+ American-Made Options.  

Additionally, those looking for face shields can look no further than Maine, where Casco Bay Molding proudly manufactures The Casco Shield, sold in packs of two, 20, or even 120. 

If you are in the market for other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), from face shields to durable gloves, Safetysmartgear has a line of products that are verified to be Made in America – but other products on their site may be procured from foreign sources, so double-check that label.

Don’t forget to check out AAM’s Made in America Directory for additional suppliers of PPE.  

Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer  

Although experts say COVID-19 spreads primarily through the air, it’s always a good idea to have hand sanitizer at the ready to help stop the spread of other viruses (we’re looking at you, flu). You can find plenty of options at your local retailer; just be sure to check the label.

For businesses with bulk concerns, have no fear. Yellow Turtle, which is made in Indiana, has a vast array of items, ranging from individual automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to gallons jugs, or even warehouse style pallets!  

Oceanstateshields (OSS) not only makes their disinfectants in the USA, but also ensures their products are eco-friendly. Check out their bio-degrable wipe here. 

Did we miss any Made in America COVID-19 test kits, face masks or other supplies? Send us a message at [email protected].