Spice Up Your Summer BBQ with These American-Made Backyard Games

By Erica Maddox
Photo via Victory Tailgate

An eclectic mix of fun summertime games are Made in America.

Back in June, we offered a handful of suggestions for ways to keep your summer Made in America. Now that summer is in full swing, we thought we'd offer a few more ideas for American-made fun with a collection of backyard games that are proudly American-made.

From classic horseshoes to the upcoming washer ring toss game, there’s plenty of American-made options for your get-together – and we’ve put a list of the essential ones together for you. Check them out, grab one, and get playin’! 


Have a favorite sports team? Victory Tailgate creates a high-quality cornhole board for you and friends to enjoy. Founded in 2008, Victory has become the largest manufacturer of custom cornhole boards in America.  They are licensed with over 600 colleges, MLB teams, NFL teams, soccer teams, NASCAR, the military, and more. Victory Tailgate promises the highest standards of durability because they are entirely designed, manufactured, and shipped from Orlando, Florida. Victory not only makes wooden cornhole boards with partnered logos, but they’ll also customize any board that you want!  With over 300 employees, Victory Tailgate is committed to help American manufacturing.  See if you can find your team! 


Did you know that KanJam, one of the most popular backyard and beach games, is made in the United States? In 2006, KanJam was founded and has been manufacturing its products in America ever since.  The folks at KanJam believe that they are proof that “good old fashion American ingenuity, technology, and partnering with your suppliers can get it done,” and that their company is a proven example of how American-made products are successful and can easily compete with overseas companies.  KanJam products are sold in over 12,000 retail locations in the United States, and in 23 other countries, too. From college-themed sets to glow-in-the-dark sets, KanJam is a fun game for all ages and at any backyard BBQ or beach day.  


Manufactured in Worcester, Mass., the St. Pierre family has been making horseshoes since 1938.  St. Pierre Sports is the only remaining manufacturer of pitching horseshoes still in the United States. Their horseshoes are made of solid steel and are coated with a non-slip finish that prevents chipping and corrosion, which is proven to be better than a high gloss finish. St. Pierre Sports have been creating the highest quality horseshoes to their customers for more than 75 years. 

Bocce Ball

St. Pierre Sports doesn’t just make horseshoes in the United States; they also make premium Bocce balls. Their bocce ball sets are approved for tournament play by the Bocce Federation of America, and is considered an official ball of the United States Bocce Federation. The St. Pierre Sports bocce balls are made of a resin, crafted with precision for balance, and are perfect for 2-4 player competition!

Croquet sets

Manufactured in Oxford, Maine, the North Meadow Croquet Company is committed to manufacturing croquet clubs and balls in America. North Meadow Croquet Company was formed by its parent company, Pierce Point Laser, and when the production line of croquet sets looked like it was going to end in the United States, Pierce Point Laser decided to acquire the company to keep its American-made tradition alive. The company sees the importance of quality in American-made goods, and wanted to keep it alive through continuing to make croquet sets. While North Meadow Croquet Company faces challenges of manufacturing in the United States that comes from offshore pressure, it’s dedicated to creating the best sets for any backyard function. 

Ladder golf toss

Also known as Hillbilly Golf, a ladder golf toss set made by Wicked Eye is a good idea for any outdoor get-together. Made in Huntington Beach, Calif., Wicked Eye’s ladder golf set will definitely give your friends and family a fun way to spend time outside.  The ladder represents a golf course: green (the side bars) is the fairway, and the red, white, and blue are the colors for the tee boxes. This game can occupy anyone, and is perfect for a tournament if you’re feeling competitive!

Washer Ring Toss

Born in 2003, the Bombat Washer Company was an idea created by college friends in Texas. Their mission: Keep the game of throwing washers into a wooden box growing — by promoting tournaments and selling their game sets. They believe that the washer ring toss is one of the best tailgating and backyard games ever because it allows the players to be social!  You can buy an original Bombat washer board, customize one, or get your favorite college team. Keep pitchin’!

Wiffle Ball

Who doesn’t love a good game of wiffle ball!?  One of America's favorite pass-times came from a small beginning the 1950's when David Mullany's grandfather saw David and his friends playing spin-off baseball with a golfball and a broom.  His grandfather decided to create a game out of it and has been a popular backyard game ever since.  Manufactured in Connecticut, Wiffle Ball has been supporting American manufacturing for decades. Get your Wiffle gear here.  

Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Game

Feeling like an islander?  Well then, the tiki toss hook and ring game is perfect for you! Created by Mellow Militia in Santa Barbara, Calif., you can bring a little bit of the islands (via this game) to your backyard!  Crafted form 100 percent bamboo, you can post this on any tree or surface and get hooked playing for hours. The set-up is easy, but the Tiki Toss game is not as easy as it looks.


Who doesn’t love badminton?  Nobody, that's who. But it’s hard to find a good quality net.  Luckily, United Volleyball Supply LLC creates a really good one. This net is easy to set up, take down, and carry around. In fact, it comes with a travel bag!  Not only does this net act as a net for badminton; it also doubles as a net for volleyball and adjusts in height. Included with the net are boundary lines for either game. 

ALERT: We can’t find any American-made badminton rackets. Let us know if you find any by emailing [email protected].


In 1984, Alan Alder – in his spare time – invented one of the best frisbees in the world. When Alan threw the first prototype of the Aerobie Ring on Roble Field at Stanford University, he realized he made a groundbreaking invention. This frisbee flew a very long distance and glided in the air thanks to Alan’s rim design, which was balanced with lift to accommodate any throwing speeds.  Made in Palo Alto, Calif., Aerobie Rings continue to be sold all over the United States. In fact, the Guinness World Record for farthest throw was set with an Aerobie Ring at 1,333 feet! Get your Aerobie Ring and try and break the record!