Supporting the Next Wave of Manufacturing Innovation

Welcome to the new Made in America hub, powered by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM).

There’s a new buzz around American manufacturing: job gains, an energy advantage, amazing innovation, a growing maker movement, and a robust policy debate. But some serious obstacles to a true resurgence in manufacturing remain firmly entrenched. To help drive positive changes, we’ve completely reengineered our website to make it even more valuable to you as makers, activists, students, policy wonks, and the press. It’s got all the power — research, local data, breaking news, personal stories — that you’ve come to expect from AAM, now with more tools than ever for you to share with friends, connect with policymakers, and hold elected officials accountable.

Anyone who’s built or maintained a website knows the extraordinary work that goes into such an endeavor. Thanks goes out to the entire staff here at AAM for pitching in, and to our communications team of Matt McMullan, Taylor Garland, and Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, in particular. And thanks goes to the award-winning team at Blue State Digital for their amazing work and guidance.

We hope you’ll give our pages a spin, share them with your friends, and come back again and again for the latest Made in America trends and developments in the manufacturing policy world. We know we must earn your engagement, which is why we welcome your feedback and suggestions for content. Our home page describes the mission of our new hub perfectly: America has always been a nation of makers. At AAM, we want to keep it that way. This new Made in America hub gives all of us a powerful tool to help make that possible.

Scott Paul
Alliance for American Manufacturing