Thursday Event to Examine How President-elect Joe Biden Can Build Back Better

By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
Dec 01 2020 |
President-elect Joe Biden (right) posted this photo on his social media channels for Small Business Saturday. Countless small businesses have closed because of COVID-19; one study found one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey have closed for good. | Photo courtesy @JoeBiden

We’re holding a virtual discussion to put forth a blueprint for the incoming commander-in-chief.

During the 2020 campaign, President-elect Joe Biden talked a whole lot about how he wants to “Build Back Better.”

It’s certainly an idea worth getting behind. There’s a whole lot of rebuilding that needs to get done in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Frankly, there was a whole lot of rebuilding that needed to get done before COVID-19 even hit U.S. shores.

But now that Biden has won, what specifically does he need to do to Build Back Better?

That’s the question a panel of experts will be discussing with Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul on Thursday during a special digital event, set to begin at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.), Economic Policy Institute (EPI) President Thea Lee, and United Steelworkers President Tom Conway will join Paul to discuss the kind of smart public policy that is needed to help the United States recover from the pandemic while also building a more fair and equitable society for all Americans.

And if Biden and his team do it right, they have an opportunity to quite literally lay the foundation for decades of economic growth.

We hope you can join us for Thursday’s event. Click here to register.