Want to Support American Workers and Help the Environment? These Linens Are Your Answer

By Jesús Espinoza
American Blossom Linens

For American Blossom Linens, quality is a family tradition.

After a long day, there’s nothing better at bedtime than the feeling of clean, crisp linens. What’s even better? If those linens are environmentally friendly and sustain American jobs — from the time the cotton is grown to the minute they’re shipped to your doorstep.

Even though unfair trade has hit America’s textile industry hard, family owned and operated Thomaston Mills has launched a new line of linens made from 100 percent organic American cotton that is grown, ginned, woven and manufactured into linens right here in the States.

These high-quality bed sheets and pillowcases are made at Thomaston Mills, founded in 1899 in the charming town of Thomaston, Ga. The extended Zaslow family has been manufacturing in the area for over 115 years. In other words: They know what they’re doing.

Like in cooking, the final product will only be as good as the ingredients you use. American Blossom Linens takes this very seriously. The company guarantees quality from the moment organic cotton seeds are planted under the warm Texas sun.

We’re used to seeing “organic” on foods, but organic cotton’s lack of harmful chemicals and pesticides also ensures that agricultural workers and the environment aren’t exposed to these toxins. Conventional cotton from countries with little regulation can be laden with chemicals.

At the mill, American Blossom Linens complies with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration and U.S. labor standards so that the quality of the jobs the company creates and sustains are always of a high standard. With this recent reminder of the grim working conditions for textile workers abroad, you can rest assured that American Blossom Linens will be made ethically with the highest standards in mind.

Find out for yourself the quality and softness of American Blossom Linens by shopping online here. Did I mention they offer free shipping in the lower 48? As if you needed more good reasons to shop!