Will You Be My American-Made Valentine?

By Ryan Lombardozzi
Feb 09 2015 |

Tips for making your Valentine’s Day celebration a little more American.

Whether you’ve been planning the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise since Feb. 15 last year — or you’re telling yourself that you won’t mess up another Valentine’s Day this time around — Feb. 14 always seems to sneak up on you faster than you realize.

But never fear: Scrambling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift couldn’t be easier with our American-made options to help you plan a one-of-a-kind day for your loved one.


Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day without that never ending supply of Sweethearts candies that seem to last all year (or a heart-shaped box of chocolates that are devoured by the next morning). 

Equinox Champagne Chocolates

When one thinks of candy, your first thoughts wander to the titan of candy, Hershey’s, which makes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat Bars, Twizzlers, Rolos, Almond Joys and several other American-made candies produced at its factories in the United States. And Sweethearts? The tasty treats are made in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Of course, there are the also the much-sought-after Ghirardelli Chocolates, as well as Equinox Champagne Chocolates from Chocolate Visions. Both savory delights are Made in America, offering quality chocolate to sink your teeth into.

Looking for additional candy ideas? Check out these union-made candies.


Jewelry is a gift that has meaning, holding to it a memory that won’t be forgot for decades to come.

Avery Remembrance Ring

So why not take a look at the stunning Avery Remembrance Ring with Ruby from James Avery Jewelers, designed and produced in Texas.

Twig and Gemstone with Pigeon River Stones Collection

 If the cliché hearts and ruby red pieces aren’t your thing, that’s fine. Janow Metalsmithing offers semi-precious gems and stones in their Twig and Gemstone with Pigeon River Stones Collection, made in Asheville, North Carolina. 


One of the most iconic ways to say I Love You is through flowers. Whether it’s a single rose, bouquet of roses or another floral alternative with a special meaning behind it, flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day.

And while it might seem a little cliché, flowers always make an impression. As one of our friends put it: "Flowers to me are a romantic and thoughtful gesture that symbolize doing something nice for the person they love."

Everybody now: Awwww.

While Made in America flowers seem like they would be easy to find, be sure to do your research when you visit your neighborhood florist or flower shop — you might be surprised what’s imported. Make an effort to find out where they are from and purchase domestically-grown flowers, such as the long-stem rose from the California Cut Flower Commission

Sparkling Wine

While Champagne has to be produced in the region of Champagne, France, to technically be called Champagne, America produces plenty great sparkling wines.

2003 Domaine Chandon Etoile Tete de Cuvee

The Gayot guide to the good life lists the 2003 Domaine Chandon Étoile Tête de Cuvée as the top American sparkling wine in its top 10 feature. Produced in California, the Étoile Tête de Cuvée offers "a rich and complex offering with aromas of honey and toasted hazelnut balanced by delicate flavors of nectarine and candied ginger."

Don Morton, AAM’s resident wine expert, also recommends:

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