Host a Screening of Relighting the Flame in Your Community!

Directed by award-winning local filmmaker Carl Kriss, RELIGHTING THE FLAME tells the story of how a new generation of workers are defying enormous odds to rebuild and grow America’s steel industry, right in the Industrial Heartland. 

Tools to Make Your Screening a Success

Watch RELIGHTING THE FLAME: You can find the full 26-minute film for free on YouTube. You can screen it directly from YouTube, and you can also embed it on your own website.

Spread the Word Online: Use this social share graphic as a starting point for inviting guests to your screening via social media. You can also send via email or mail it out the old fashioned way.

Customizable Promotional Poster: Just add the date, time, and any other important details for your screening. Post this flier at your workplace, around town, or any place else where you want to get the word out.

Discussion Questions: Looking to dive deeper into some of the themes of the film? Use this handy guide to drive discussion after the movie concludes.

Classroom Guide: Hosting an event at a school, apprenticeship program or training center? This worksheet can help incorporate a screening into your curriculum.

What Else You’ll Need for your Screening

Appropriate audio/visual equipment: Make sure you have the right gear ahead of time to show the film. Some venues require merely plugging in a computer, while others have systems that are a bit more complicated.

A place to gather with comfortable seating: There are lots of potential venues for a screening, from local union halls to coffee shops to even your own backyard. Just make sure you have room for guests, and plenty of places to sit!

Snacks and drinks (or even a potluck!): This one is optional, but people sure do love having popcorn during a movie! If you want to host a discussion afterward, it’s always nice to have some additional food and drinks on hand as well.

Additional Tips for Organizing Your Event

Think carefully about the day, time, and place: These sort of details seem straightforward, but we recommend you add in some extra time for people to arrive, and plan the event for at least an hour longer than the film you’re showing. Your guests will likely want to mingle, especially if there’s food!

Spread the word: Remember that most people lead busy lives, so it’s important to invite them early and often. Make a flyer, make phone calls, email, or advertise your event on social networking sites. Include contact information so people can RSVP or contact you with any questions. Don’t be afraid to send plenty of reminders, too!

Don’t worry so much about the extras: A screening doesn’t need to rival a Hollywood premiere to be a success! The film itself will be the main draw, along with the people attending. Some screenings may have hundreds of attendees, while others may be just a handful. But all of them are a success when there’s good company and conversation.