Buy America

Aug 15 2022

Rep. Tim Ryan Wants to Close a Buy American Loophole for Solar Power

Right now, Buy American only applies to taxpayer-funded purchases of solar panels. But the federal government actually receives most of its solar power via power purchase agreements.
Jun 30 2022

Senatorial Duo Baldwin and Braun are Pushing the White House to Stick to Its Buy America Bona Fides

Two letters in the same day urge the administration toe a hard line on trade and manufacturing policy.
Jun 28 2022

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Signs Buy America Legislation

The Granite State now joins the federal government and dozens of states across the country in prioritizing American-made materials for taxpayer-funded construction projects. Will Massachusetts soon...
Jun 01 2022

Buy America Legislation Moves Forward in New Hampshire

State lawmakers approved legislation to give preference to Made in America iron and steel in state-funded construction projects. The bill now heads to the governor's desk.
Apr 22 2022

Biden Administration Takes Another Step With New Domestic Procurement Rule

AAM's take: The interim guidance is "a key milestone in the broadest expansion of Buy America."
Apr 21 2022

New Hampshire is One Step Closer to Buying American

The state House of Representatives passed Buy America legislation in a vote on Thursday.
Apr 20 2022

New Hampshire Legislature Set to Vote on Buy America Bill on Thursday

Time to take action, Granite State residents!
Apr 14 2022

Biden Calls on Congress to Finalize Innovation and Competitiveness Bill

“Congress needs to get this bill to my desk as quickly as possible,” President Biden said during a speech in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday.   President Biden urged Congress to finalize work on...
Apr 12 2022

Hey, Tennessee! Tell Your Lawmakers to Buy American

Live in the Volunteer State? Ask your state reps to back legislation to ensure taxpayer money is reinvested back into local workers and manufacturers, not spent overseas.
Apr 06 2022

It’s Your Turn to Take Action, New Hampshire

Tell your state lawmakers to support legislation to apply Buy America preferences to taxpayer-funded construction projects.