Buy America

May 10 2024

EPA Inspector General Says the Agency Needs to Do More to Track Buy America Waivers

EPA risks "being unable to determine whether it is meeting the intent of the Build America, Buy America Act -- bolstering America’s industrial base, protecting national security, and supporting...
May 07 2024

Memo to Massachusetts: It’s Time to Buy American

The Alliance for American Manufacturing joined Massachusetts manufacturers on Tuesday to urge the passage of legislation to apply domestic content preferences to state government spending.
May 02 2024

Just Steel! Catching Freedom! Domestic Product! The Names of the Horses in the 2024 Kentucky Derby are on Point

And speaking of Kentucky, there's a proposed law in the state legislature we think should get across the finish line.
Apr 26 2024

EPA’s Proposed Waiver of Buy America for $3 Billion Ports Program Draws Criticism from Labor and Environmental Groups

Set to be in effect until 2028, the waiver "misses an opportunity to align with the Biden administration's goals of promoting emissions reductions and supporting domestic manufacturing."
Apr 10 2024

Virginia Moves to Give Preference to Made in USA Goods for Government Contracts

A new law is a good start toward reinvesting more taxpayer dollars into local workers and businesses. Will other states enact their own measures?
Apr 08 2024

Take Action: It’s Time for Maine to Buy American

State lawmakers have the chance to reinvest more taxpayer money back into local workers and manufacturers. You know what to do, Mainers!
Mar 12 2024

How Does This Whole Kate Middleton Controversy Tie Into American Manufacturing?

Well, it doesn't. But there's a new EV charger factory coming to Maryland thanks to Buy America preferences, so I guess I'll blog about that instead.
Mar 08 2024

A Big Day for Buy America

President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the policy in the State of the Union address on the same day his administration moved to finally end an overly broad waiver of Buy America that has been...
Mar 07 2024
Press Release Buy America

Massive Breakthrough for Buy America as FHWA Proposes Ending 40-Year Waiver: AAM Statement

Washington, D.C. — The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) proposed a rule on Thursday to end its blanket waiver of Buy America requirements for manufactured products. The waiver has been in...
Feb 15 2024

Buy America is Surprisingly Popular Among the Witnesses at a House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee Hearing

No broad waivers should be issued for Buy America, a United Steelworkers representative argued.