Buy America

May 12 2021

Senate Committee Advances Several Bills to Strengthen Buy America

The "Build America, Buy America Act" and the " Act of 2021" were among the measures passed out of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday.
May 06 2021

Maine Aims to Buy American

The "Buy American and Build Maine Act" would require state government and agencies to buy American-made products and give preference to goods manufactured in the Pine Tree State.
Apr 27 2021

White House Names Celeste Drake as the First Director of Made in America

President Biden made an outstanding choice in selecting Drake, who the White House says will "carry out the President’s vision of a future made in all of America by all of America’s workers."
Apr 22 2021

Bipartisan Group in Both Congressional Chambers Push Buy America Bill

The legislation, first introduced in 2019, would have domestic procurement cover even more federal infrastructure projects.
Apr 15 2021

Bipartisan Group of 52 Members of Congress Call for Made in America Infrastructure

Members of the Congressional Steel Caucus want to include Buy America preferences in potential infrastructure investments.
Apr 14 2021

Another Bipartisan Buy America Bill Surfaces on Capitol Hill

Tammy Baldwin and Mike Braun in the Senate, John Garamendi in the House are sponsoring the Made in America Act.
Mar 26 2021

New Jersey Assembly Unanimously Approves Buy American Bill

State assembly members voted 73-0 on Thursday to pass the New Jersey Buy American Act.
Mar 19 2021

Congress Considers a Clean Energy Transition

Could a Buy Clean rule for procurement be in the works?
Mar 17 2021

Federal Agencies Often Abuse Buy American Waivers. Can This Bipartisan Bill Solve the Problem?

The Act aims to increase transparency and “ensure federal agencies prioritize the purchase of American-made goods in compliance with existing law.” President Biden put forth a...
Feb 23 2021

New Bipartisan Legislation Aims to Strengthen Buy American Laws

The Make It in America Act seeks to close loopholes that allow federal agencies to use waivers to get around Buy American preferences.