Buy America

Sep 23 2020

AAM to the ITC: The Pandemic Makes the Case for a Reshoring Effort

“Now is the time to break the vicious cycle of implementing policies that reward imports over domestic production. Both our economic and national security are at stake."
Aug 11 2020

Business, Labor, Environmental Groups to the D.C. Metrorail: Buy American

Fancy budget tricks to avoid domestic procurement rules disadvantage American workers.
Aug 06 2020

New Bill Aims to Strengthen Buy American

The measure could create 100,000 jobs, sponsors say.
Jul 28 2020

AAM Letter to Congress: Pandemic Response Should Include Industrial Policy

We must be better prepared for the next crisis, and that requires taking bold action.
Jul 09 2020

Joe Biden Proposes a $400 Billion Buy America Procurement Program

Economic plan also calls on reshoring medical supply chains in the wake of the coronavirus.
Jun 23 2020

There’s a Major Catch to the “Single Greatest Conservation Achievement in Generations”

The Great American Outdoors Act misses a significant opportunity to support America's workers.
Jun 05 2020

Manufacturing Gained 225,000 Jobs in May, But It’s a Long Road to Recovery

As relief funds dry up, infrastructure investment could stimulate the next stage of recovery.
Jun 04 2020

As Congress Takes Up Infrastructure, a New Bill Aims to Close a Buy America Loophole

“Fund swapping” allows local and state governments to bypass important provisions.
Jun 03 2020
Press Release

AAM Statement on the INVEST in America Act

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure unveiled the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in...
May 28 2020

Your Questions, Answered! Follow-up From Our “Crisis Brings Consensus” Digital Event

We're responding to the many questions you sent us during last week's conference.