Made in USA

Jul 29 2021

ICYMI: The FTC Has Gotten Serious About “Made in USA” Labeling

A rule update announced this month now means there will be legitimate fines for intentionally mislabeling a product as American-made.
Jan 29 2021

Rest Easy With These Made in America Pillows (That Aren’t the MyPillow)

Support American manufacturing, even in your sleep!
Jan 05 2021

FTC Issues Highest Monetary Judgment Ever in a Made in USA Labeling Case

Chemence, Inc., and its president will have to pay the agency $1.2 million for deceptively labeling several brands of glue.
Nov 24 2020
Press Release

AAM’s 2020 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide Shines a Spotlight at a Pivotal Time

Washington, D.C.— The Alliance for American Manufacturing’s 2020 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide, which features an array of American-made gift ideas from all 50 states, the...