Mar 11 2024
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AAM at the Movies: Man, Gung Ho Stinks!

A film about a Japanese takeover of an American auto factory could have been interesting. Instead, it was thin and moralizing in the wrong way.
Oct 18 2023
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AAM at the Movies: A Look Back at “Tommy Boy”

Is it a buddy comedy about manufacturing? Or the dignity of a steady job? Or both? Yes, yes and yes.
Nov 02 2022

This Horror Film Was Brought to You by Deindustrialization

The setting makes "Barbarian," a movie about the worst Airbnb stay in the history of man.
Jun 02 2022

Tom Cruise’s Bomber Jacket Restored to Original Glory in the New Top Gun Movie

Once the Chinese financiers left the film's production, the edit to appease Chinese government censors was undone.