Section 232 is Working

Jul 22 2021

Five Reasons Why the U.S. Must Maintain Section 232 Tariffs on Steel Imports

Our new video explains why trade action worked -- and why it would be a mistake to remove it right now.
Jun 15 2021

Opinion: The Steel Tariffs are Working

The Biden administration is right to maintain them.
Jun 10 2021

Steelworker: Lifting Section 232 Now “Would Be Devastating”

United Steelworkers Local 6787 President Pete Trinidad, who represents 3,000 steelworkers in Northwest Indiana, explains why trade action remains so critical.
Jun 10 2021

Section 232 Trade Action Saved a Steel Plant Critical to America’s Defense

Steel is needed to build everything from battleships to bridges. The Conshohoken mill in Pennsylvania has long made what America needs for its national security and critical infrastructure.
Jun 10 2021

Section 232 Helped Granite City Works Get Back Into the Game

The storied steel mill was barely hanging on by 2018. But trade action allowed Granite City Works to hire workers and make improvements.