Section 232 is Working

Jul 11 2022

EPI to ITC: Don’t Forget, the Section 232 Tariffs Are Working

Two briefs make clear that tariffs on steel and aluminum imports have been effective -- and removing them will do next to nothing to ease inflation.
Oct 26 2021

How Trade Action Helped Secure the Future for Steelworkers Like Mike Lohse

Lohse found a second career at the historic Gary Works steel mill in Indiana. Thanks to Section 232 trade action, he's optimistic about its future.
Oct 15 2021

How Section 232 Trade Action Brought Alabama’s Fairfield Works Back to Life

Steelworker Seth Skalnik watched as the blast furnace came down at the U.S. Steel facility. Five years later, he was there when the steel mill mounted a comeback.
Sep 30 2021

Steel Executives and Labor Leaders Urge Congressional Steel Caucus to Defend Steel’s Stability Under Section 232

Reps. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.), Frank Mrvan (D-Ind.), Mike Bost (R-Ill.) and Rick Crawford (R-Ark.), along with steel industry executives and United Steelworkers International President Tom Conway,...
Sep 29 2021

The EU and U.S. are Meeting This Week, and Steel Tariffs are Likely on the Agenda

Meanwhile, the domestic steel industry is gathering to discuss the state of play.
Sep 23 2021

Jim Johnston is Counting on President Biden to Stand Up for America’s Steelworkers

Jim Johnston was in the Oval Office when one president signed a proclamation putting Section 232 into effect. Now he wants another president to keep it in place.
Sep 17 2021

U.S. Steel Announces Plans for a New American Mill

The Section 232 tariffs made it possible.
Sep 13 2021

Steelworkers Like Dan Boone Benefited From Section 232 Trade Action, And So Did A Lot of Other People

Boone explains how Section 232 helped revive steel mills across the country, along with the businesses and communities that surround them.
Sep 07 2021

The United Steelworkers and Steel Companies Have a Joint Message for President Biden

It's critical for the United States to maintain "effective trade measures to prevent new surges of steel imports fueled by global overcapacity" -- including from our allies.
Aug 12 2021

A Fourth-Generation Steelworker on How Trade Action Saved a Historic Colorado Steel Mill

Surging steel imports battered the Evraz Pueblo steel mill for years. Now business is booming, and Evraz Pueblo is set to become the first solar-powered steel mill in America.