Trade with China

Aug 02 2022

Nancy Pelosi is in Taiwan, and China isn’t Happy About It

We should make sure our economic values line up with our democratic ones when Washington deals with the Chinese government.
Jul 26 2022

New Report Finds China is Trying to Gain Influence over the U.S. Federal Reserve

Senate investigators draw parallels to other efforts targeting science and technology sectors.
Jul 15 2022

Amazon is Reducing its Private Label Products, Which May Be Made Using Forced Uyghur Labor

The online retail giant has been accused of sourcing from companies in China linked to forced labor, along with exploiting a little known rule to avoid trade enforcement.
Jul 13 2022

The World is Very Dependent on China for its Solar Panels

And American consumers are likely to remain that way for a while, despite serious questions about their production.
Jun 22 2022

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai Calls Tariffs a “Significant Piece of Leverage”

In testimony before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee, the U.S. Trade Representative says the United States must build a future that is more resilient.
Jun 21 2022

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act is Now Up and Running

The law requires importers to prove their products aren't made by forced labor in Xinjiang has gone into effect.
Jun 16 2022

AAM Urges Biden Administration to Extend the Section 301 Tariffs

The United States cannot afford to revert to its previous posture of endless dialogue and polite requests for reform.
Jun 10 2022

Commission Examines Critical Vulnerability in the Global Supply Chain: China

China’s chokehold on critical minerals and manufacturing threatens U.S. national security, experts said during a U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission hearing. Witnesses testified...
Jun 08 2022

Union Leaders to President Biden: Don’t Cut the China Tariffs

There's an specious effort to tie them to the inflation rate vexing the White House.
Jun 07 2022

Biden Administration Freezes Potential Tariffs on Solar Imports

At the same time, it announced it was invoking the Defense Production Act to “accelerate” domestic solar manufacturing, as well as other energy-related products like heat pumps and critical power...