Trade with China

Oct 22 2021

China Gets an Earful from Its Trade Partners at its WTO Review

Years of China's growing trade belligerence are really grinding everybody's gears!
Oct 08 2021

New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support Trade Action Against China

The majority of Americans view the current U.S.-China trade relationship as detrimental to U.S. national security.
Jan 15 2021

It’s the One Year Anniversary of Trump’s Trade Deal With China

Predictions that the agreement would ultimately be a big nothing burger have largely come true. Now attention turns to President-elect Joe Biden.
Sep 22 2020

Congress Moves to Stop Influx of Goods Made by Forced Uyghur Labor

Despite growing public condemnation, China continues to expand its labor camps. Meanwhile, dozens of big name companies continue to exploit forced Uyghur labor.
Mar 03 2020

Some of the World’s Biggest Brands Depend on Forced Labor in China

The Chinese government is conscribing Chinese ethnic minorities into forced labor.
Jan 30 2020

U.S. Job Loss to China Swells to 3.7 Million

First two years of Trump presidency saw 700,000 jobs lost.
Jan 24 2020

Guest Post from the United Steelworkers: Failing Workers on Trade

USW International President Thomas Conway on President Trump's trade promises.
Jan 08 2020

Calls for Action to Respond to China’s Human Rights Abuses Strengthen

But the response? Not so strong.
Apr 25 2019

Umm… So What About That Currency Report Due This Month?

…seems like kind of helpful info to have going into trade talks with China, no?
Apr 05 2019

OPINION: The Opportunity for a Chinese Trade Deal Is There, If Trump Can Seize It.

And doesn’t get in his own way.