Trade with China

May 29 2024

AAM President Scott Paul Testifies Before USTR on China’s Shipbuilding Practices

"While no nation should be faulted for seeking to develop maritime capabilities, Beijing’s ambitions go well beyond that."
May 29 2024

USTR Advocates for International Economic Cooperation Against Chinese Trade Cheating

The world’s market economies have a limited window for action. In a new Financial Times opinion, United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai subtly calls for international economic...
May 23 2024
Press Release Trade with China

Yellen Rightly Calls on G7 to Counter Chinese Overcapacity

It’s time for U.S. allies to step up.  Chinese overcapacity poses a global threat and requires urgent action from the world’s market-driven economies. During a press conference on...
May 20 2024

Senate Investigators Allege BMW and Jaguar Land Rover Shipped Parts Tied to Forced Labor in Xinjiang to U.S., Violating Law

Since automakers can't seem to fully extradite themselves from Xinjiang, it's time to step up enforcement of our trade laws.
May 14 2024

The Biden Administration is Increasing Tariffs on These Chinese Imports

Biden directed the U.S. Trade Representative to up the tariff rates for imports of steel, solar cells, semiconductors, electric vehicles, batteries, and more. It's the right thing to do.
May 14 2024
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Biden is Right to Raise Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Beijing’s economic manipulations have ravaged American communities for decades. Washington, D.C. — As cheap Chinese imports threaten to suffocate the global market, President Biden on Tuesday...
May 06 2024

Vice President Harris Announces More Than $100 Million to Boost Electric Vehicle Auto Parts Manufacturers

It’s a step forward, but countering China’s auto threat will be massive, marathon climb that requires both industrial investment and proactive trade policy. Vice President Kamala Harris announced...
May 01 2024

The First Made in China Electric Vehicle is About to Hit the U.S. Market

Volvo's EX30 is expected to reach U.S. dealers this summer, as it appears the company has found a way around U.S. tariffs -- and may even get a tax break.
Apr 17 2024
Press Release Trade with China

USTR Investigation into Chinese Shipbuilding Rightly Scrutinizes Beijing’s Market Distortions

It’s Time to Fight Back Washington, D.C. — The United States Trade Representative (USTR) justly proceeded on Wednesday with the initiation of an investigation into China’s unfair trade...
Apr 12 2024

Sherrod Brown Calls for a Ban on the Sale of Chinese EVs in the United States

"Tariffs alone are insufficient," argues the senator from Ohio, pointing to the level of risk Chinese auto imports present to the U.S. auto industry.