American-Made Blue Jeans

Posted by scapozzola on 03/11/2011

click for ShirtsAs most Americans know, iconic Levi's blue jeans are no longer manufactured in the U.S.  However, there are a number of domestic blue jean companies that still manufacture clothes and pants in the U.S., including:

Buddy's Jeans feature cowboy cut denims, and are manufactured in New Hebron, Mississippi.

Diamond Gusset Jeans are proudly made in USA, with a "Positively Tennessee" attitude.  The company also manufactures "Born and Worn in the USA" shirts.

Texas Jeans, which aims to make "rugged" and lasting blue jeans.








Buddys and Daimond Gusset Jeans are top reputed companies of US but i still miss iconic Levi's.
Denim jeans

What about Pointer Brand

What about Pointer Brand Jeans?

blue jeans

Does anyone know what stores carry these are for sale? Or do you have to order online?

jeans manufacturers

Hey excellent can I use some of the information from this blog post if I include a link back to your website?Specially blue jean companies.

jeans manufacturers

Yes, use link

-please feel free to use the link.

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