Tax Reform

May 28 2020

Your Questions, Answered! Follow-up From Our “Crisis Brings Consensus” Digital Event

We're responding to the many questions you sent us during last week's conference.
May 22 2020

Senators Call for Reshoring of Manufacturing During “Crisis Brings Consensus” Event

And there's bipartisan agreement that significant change is needed to get the job done.
Nov 20 2018

AAM Staff Members Reveal Their Made in America Holiday Wishlists

Practical, inspirational or just plain playful, these gifts are sure to please.
Jul 24 2017

The Congressional Democrats Now Have a Plan

The plan is scant on details and they're in the minority, but you gotta start somewhere!
Jul 14 2017

Brookings Institution Examines the State of Manufacturing Under Trump

The president promised a lot on the campaign trial.
Jan 27 2017
Blog Tax Reform

No, a 20% Tariff on Imports Isn’t a Thing. What’s Really on the Table is a “Border Adjustment Tax.”

The details are still coming together, but here’s what it might all mean.
Dec 02 2016

Those 1,100 Carrier Jobs Were Saved — But 4,000 Factory Jobs Were Lost in November

Another month of manufacturing job loss showcases the need for big picture policy reform.
Mar 19 2015
Press Release Tax Reform

AAM Joins New Tax Coalition for Capital Investment

The Alliance for American Manufacturing joins the CRANE coalition to ensure comprehensive tax reform keeps America competitive for capital investment.   INDUSTRIES DRIVING ECONOMIC GROWTH UNITE...
Feb 27 2015

AAM Talks Economics at CPAC 2015

But we'd love to hear more economic talk from the candidates!
Dec 18 2014

An Economy That Works for the Middle Class

Will 2015 be the year Washington passes legislation to support the middle class?