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Though its origin stories are hazy (by which we mean non-existent), October 18 has been designated National No Beard Day.

We imagine many of you are busy gearing up for this occasion, but when you step away from preparing the traditional No Beard Day holiday meal, take a moment to purchase a high-quality American-made razor. It'll be the last razor you'll ever need to purchase!

Reno, Nevada-based Tradere Razors makes double-eded stainless steel razors. Tradere sells its products as complete razors, heads, and/or replacement handles, and hosts a website that features a small online store. It also sells its products through West Coast Shaving.

So, when you're prepping for No Beard Day, remember that many razors will leave you with silky soft cheeks, but most of them aren't manufactured right here in the U.S.A. And isn't support for American manufacturing — and manufacturing jobs — what National No Beard day is about? (Honestly, we're not sure. If anyone knows where No Beard Day sprung from, please let us know.)

Image from Tradere Razors website.