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Dec 06 2022
Steel By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

U.S. and EU are Said to Be Weighing “Climate-Based Tariffs” on Chinese Steel

China’s massive steel sector not only drives the global overcapacity problem, it also contributes mightily to carbon emissions.

Dec 05 2022
Jobs and the U.S. Economy

Well, There You Have It: Manufacturing Is Contracting

Dec 05 2022
Made in America

Sunny Day Designs Owner Shares How Made in America Builds Communities

Nov 30 2022
industrial policy

It’s a Good Thing the IRA Incentivizes U.S. Clean Energy Production

The Build Back Better Blueprint

Dec 18 2020

Steel Overcapacity: Trump Performed Triage. Can Biden Heal the Wound?

America’s steel industry is vital to our national security and critical infrastructure. But it remains threatened by global overcapacity, and COVID-19 has only made things worse.

Dec 17 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

The United States Can’t Build Back Better Without Investing in American Workers

Dec 16 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

What Do Black Factory Workers Want from the Incoming Biden Administration?

Dec 15 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

Renewed Interest in Made in America Was a Boon to Small Manufacturers During COVID-19. But Will It Continue?

Made in America

Dec 05 2022

Sunny Day Designs Owner Shares How Made in America Builds Communities

Sunny Day Designs Owner & Designer Shelley Schmidt grew up with a behind-the-scenes perspective on manufacturing through her family’s hat factory in Missouri. So, when she decided to launch her own company selling home decor, stationery, and more, bedecked with […]

Nov 28 2022
Made in America

A New York State Assemblyman Wants Amazon to Create a “Made in USA” Filter

Nov 21 2022

Made in Connecticut Mystic Knotwork Ties Family Tradition with Modern Business

Nov 17 2022
Made in America

The 2022 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide, By Category


Nov 14 2022
By Matthew McMullan

The ITC Releases Findings of its Examination of the Effects of Trade and Trade Policy on U.S. Workers

Many affected workers see trade competition as a way to eat away at bargaining power.

Nov 07 2022

Financial Times Columnist Rana Foroohar Envisions the World Post-Globalization in ‘Homecoming’

Oct 31 2022

How Offshoring Helped to Create the Fast Furniture Problem

Oct 19 2022

Big Corporations Want to Hide Trade Data Used to Trace Goods Made with Forced Labor

Buy America

Oct 27 2022
Buy America By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

The EPA, Without Justification, Decided Buy America Does Not Apply to the Clean School Bus Program

Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday that “domestic manufacturing” will play a big role in transitioning to electric school buses. Which is odd, because the EPA said Buy America provisions “do not apply” to the program.

Sep 26 2022
Buy America

Will Philadelphia’s New Rail Cars, Built by a Chinese State-Owned Company, Abide By Buy America?

Sep 15 2022
Buy America

Biden Administration Unveils New “Buy Clean” Actions to Promote Clean U.S. Manufacturing

Sep 08 2022
Buy America

New Yorkers: Tell Gov. Kathy Hochul to Sign the Buy American Salt Act


Jan 21 2022
Workforce By Stockton Grunewald

Closing the Factory Floor Gender Gap

How manufacturers can (and are) securing a resilient workforce.

Oct 07 2021

Democrats Discover Where They’ve Lost Voters: In Factory Towns

Oct 06 2021

How Can Manufacturers Recruit More Women?

May 21 2021

An Extra $300 per Week Isn’t What’s Keeping Workers Home

National Security

Sep 29 2022
National Security By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Make Sure Technology Invented in the USA is Made in the USA

The Invent Here, Make Here for Homeland Security Act passed a key Senate committee on Wednesday.

Sep 27 2022
National Security

Bipartisan Group of House and Senate Leaders Calls on Biden to Regulate Outbound Investments

Aug 23 2022
National Security

United Steelworkers Continue to Help Metalworkers in Ukraine Fight Russian Aggression

Jun 10 2022

Commission Examines Critical Vulnerability in the Global Supply Chain: China


Oct 13 2022
Infrastructure By Cathalijne Adams

Instead of an Infrastructure Week, President Biden Calls for an “Infrastructure Decade”

After years of infrastructure hopes and dreams, the nation is implementing the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Two White House events Thursday aimed to reveal its full value.

May 16 2022

Hey, It’s Infrastructure Week Again!

Apr 14 2022

Sherrod Brown Urges Federal Government To Get The Details Right Around Buy America Laws.

Feb 17 2022

Biden Talks Infrastructure Investment in Ohio


Oct 07 2022

Jobs Report Shows Another 22,000 U.S. Factory Jobs Created in September

Manufacturing employment is up 325,000 since the beginning of the year.

Aug 10 2022

A Resurfaced “Breakfast Club” Clip Helps Explain Deindustrialization’s Link to Racial Inequality

Aug 06 2022

Industrial Policy is Driving Job Growth, But That’s Not the Only Reason We Need It

Jul 14 2022

We Can’t Miss the Chance to Create Good Factory Jobs!