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Feb 28 2024
usmca By Matthew McMullan

Chinese Imports Routed Through Mexico Pose a Serious Threat to the U.S. Auto Industry

A new report from AAM describes policy recommendations to halt this import surge before it arrives.

Feb 26 2024

Award-Winning “Relighting the Flame” Director Carl Kriss Shares How Steel Jobs Make Communities

Feb 23 2024
Trade with China

On a Collision Course: China’s Existential Threat to America’s Auto Industry and its Route Through Mexico

Feb 23 2024
Made in America

Whimsical itsahook is Designed in Brooklyn and Made in Wisconsin

The Build Back Better Blueprint

Dec 18 2020

Steel Overcapacity: Trump Performed Triage. Can Biden Heal the Wound?

America’s steel industry is vital to our national security and critical infrastructure. But it remains threatened by global overcapacity, and COVID-19 has only made things worse.

Dec 17 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

The United States Can’t Build Back Better Without Investing in American Workers

Dec 16 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

What Do Black Factory Workers Want from the Incoming Biden Administration?

Dec 15 2020
The Build Back Better Blueprint

Renewed Interest in Made in America Was a Boon to Small Manufacturers During COVID-19. But Will It Continue?

Made in America

Feb 23 2024
Made in America By Jeffrey Bonior

Whimsical itsahook is Designed in Brooklyn and Made in Wisconsin

The sleek wall hook is the latest creation from industrial designer Zac Feltoon, who turned to CR Industries to make his product.

Feb 20 2024
Made in America

Join Us in Cleveland at the Premiere of the New Documentary Film “Relighting the Flame”

Feb 13 2024
Made in America

Spread the Made in America Love This Valentine’s Day

Feb 09 2024
Made in America

Just Build, Baby! The Made in America Story of Allegiant Stadium, Home to the Las Vegas Raiders and Super Bowl LVIII


Feb 08 2024
Trade By Cathalijne Adams

Mexico Supplants China as America’s Top Source of Imports, But the “World’s Factory” is Opening New Back Doors

China has set up a game of “Whack-a-Mole” in the global market. For the first time in more than two decades, the United States imported more goods from Mexico than China, Census data revealed on Wednesday. This apparent world trade […]

Feb 05 2024

Solar Panels Made with Forced Labor in China are Entering the U.S. Via India, Bloomberg Reports

Jan 29 2024

There’s Growing Bipartisan Opposition to Granting Vietnam Market Economy Trade Status

Jan 17 2024

SHEIN’s IPO May Be Thwarted by… China’s Government?

Buy America

Feb 15 2024
Buy America By Matthew McMullan

Buy America is Surprisingly Popular Among the Witnesses at a House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee Hearing

No broad waivers should be issued for Buy America, a United Steelworkers representative argued.

Feb 14 2024
Buy America

It’s Time to Fully Implement Build America, Buy America

Jan 04 2024
Buy America

Is Oregon’s DOT Still Going to Undercut the State’s New Buy America rule?

Dec 18 2023
Buy America

Why is the Oregon Department of Transportation Working to Undermine a New Buy America Law?


Mar 27 2023
Workforce By Jeffrey Bonior

Filmmaking Competition Aims to Get Young People Interested in Manufacturing Careers

The “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” contest in Pennsylvania asks middle schoolers to make videos that promote manufacturing as a career pathway.

Jan 21 2022

Closing the Factory Floor Gender Gap

Oct 07 2021

Democrats Discover Where They’ve Lost Voters: In Factory Towns

Oct 06 2021

How Can Manufacturers Recruit More Women?

National Security

Feb 07 2024
National Security By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

Proposed Rule Aims to Close a Glaring Gap in Freight Rail Security

The SAFE Trains Act, which passed as part of the infrastructure package in 2021, seeks to support Made in America freight rail — and limit influence of countries of concern, i.e. China.

Jan 10 2024
National Security

Yet Another Report Finds that the U.S. Defense Industrial Base is in Real Bad Shape

Dec 11 2023
National Security

Proposed Rule Aims to Make Sure Freight Rail Cars Aren’t Made in China

Dec 04 2023
National Security

A Draft of the National Defense Industrial Strategy Leaked, and There’s Reason to Worry


May 17 2023
Infrastructure By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

The Biden Administration Just Unveiled “Buy Clean” Guidelines. Here’s What You Need to Know

Buy Clean is designed to incentivize cleaner steel production. The pilot requirements issued on Tuesday afternoon are a step forward.

May 15 2023

It’s Infrastructure Week Again — No Joke

Apr 14 2023

Rejoice, Washington Area Residents: The 14th Street Bridge Is Getting Repaired

Apr 06 2023

Build America Is an Integral Part of America’s Infrastructure and Clean Energy Goals


Feb 02 2024
Jobs By Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch

Factories See More Job Gains in January Than in All of 2023

It’s a huge boost for manufacturing, but we aren’t popping the champagne yet.

Dec 29 2023

Top Manufacturing News Stories of 2023: Autoworkers Strike, and Set the Tone for the Clean Energy Transition

Nov 05 2023

The Autoworkers Struck with an Eye on a Just Energy Transition

Sep 06 2023

The Historic Day Street Paper Mill Will Close Friday in Wisconsin