Apr 12 2021

White House Makes State-By-State Argument for Infrastructure Investment

Every single state, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico all need a significant amount of work.
Apr 08 2021

Three More Factory Workers on How Rebuilding Infrastructure Will Help Manufacturing

Forget the wonky policy talk. Manufacturing workers explain why infrastructure investment is so important.
Apr 01 2021

Q&A: Three American Factory Workers on How Infrastructure Investment Will Help Manufacturing

There's a lot of talk in policy circles about infrastructure. But how would a robust investment package effect manufacturing workers in communities across the country?
Mar 25 2021

President Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plans Start to Take Shape

Biden is expected to unveil a major infrastructure package next week in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg makes the case for investment on Capitol Hill.
Mar 19 2021

Congress Considers a Clean Energy Transition

Could a Buy Clean rule for procurement be in the works?
Mar 11 2021

COVID-19 Relief is Done. Up Next: Infrastructure Investment… and Taking on China

Rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure will create millions of new jobs and boost the economy at a critical time. But the U.S. also needs to shore up its critical supply chains to counter its...
Mar 03 2021

America’s Civil Engineers Give U.S. Infrastructure a C- Grade

While it’s an improvement from the last report card, nobody should be celebrating.
Feb 26 2021

America’s Schools are Still Falling Apart

A bill in Congress would dedicate funding for facilities repairs that will make them pandemic-safe.
Feb 18 2021

Take Action: It’s Time to Build Made in America Infrastructure

Winter weather hit the country hard, but years of neglecting critical infrastructure led to the power outages in Texas and other states. We can't let it happen again.
Feb 16 2021

Millions of Texans are Without Power, and It Is Dangerously Cold

A historic winter storm hit the Lone Star State hard. But underinvestment and mismanagement of the state’s electric grid – a critical piece of infrastructure – is one reason for the outages.