Sep 28 2020

The U.S. Needs to Get Serious About Investing in Electric Vehicle Production

The U.S. remains behind countries like China when it comes to electric vehicle production – and it’s becoming increasingly clear that smart policy is needed to not only catch up, but create...
Sep 16 2020

Trump vs. Biden on Infrastructure

The language used in presidential campaign rhetoric is often aspirational -- and that's definitely true when Donald Trump and Joe Biden talk about infrastructure. So what are they saying?
Aug 21 2020

Biden Offers Vision of Strong Middle Class Central to “America’s Promise” in DNC’s Final Night

Biden called for a future that is “Made in America.”
Aug 19 2020

Crumbling Infrastructure is Leaving Many States In Shambles, New Study Finds

Study by 24/7 Wall Street ranks the states by the state of their roads, bridges, and rail.
Aug 11 2020
Press Release Infrastructure

15 Labor, Business and Environmental Organizations Call on D.C. Metrorail to Buy American-Made Rail

Washington, D.C. – Buying foreign-made rail cars for the nation’s capital subway system is drawing heat from over a dozen organizations that are urging Metro to Buy American, which...
Aug 10 2020

A Deadly Explosion in Baltimore May Be the Result of Inaction on Infrastructure

There have long been calls to speed up repair of Baltimore’s aging natural gas pipelines.
Jul 31 2020

D.C.’s Metrorail is Looking to Bypass Buy America and Import Its New Rail Cars

This is a bad decision. Especially right now.
Jul 28 2020

AAM Letter to Congress: Pandemic Response Should Include Industrial Policy

We must be better prepared for the next crisis, and that requires taking bold action.
Jul 27 2020

West Virginia’s Broadband – Or Lack of It

Reliable internet access is a real problem in rural America.
Jul 24 2020

Will the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River Ever Get Replaced?

The bridge isn't likely to withstand an earthquake, but funding issues have plagued the project.