Apr 02 2024

The Boston Boondoggle Continues! Transit Agency Agrees to Pay CRRC $148 Million More to Get its Very Delayed Rail Cars

The Chinese-state owned company CRRC already is years behind schedule and way over budget in completing its contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Now MBTA is going to...
May 17 2023

The Biden Administration Just Unveiled “Buy Clean” Guidelines. Here’s What You Need to Know

Buy Clean is designed to incentivize cleaner steel production. The pilot requirements issued on Tuesday afternoon are a step forward.
May 15 2023

It’s Infrastructure Week Again — No Joke

After decades of delay, the United States is finally rebuilding its crumbling roads, bridges, and more. But proper implementation remains the key.
Apr 14 2023

Rejoice, Washington Area Residents: The 14th Street Bridge Is Getting Repaired

The fixes to the heavily-used span leading into the nation's capital will be largely paid for with federal funding.
Apr 06 2023

Build America Is an Integral Part of America’s Infrastructure and Clean Energy Goals

We’re sounding off on the Washington Post editorial board’s shortsighted rebuke of Buy America. The Washington Post editorial board published an article Thursday characterizing the application of...
Apr 05 2023

Transportation Chief Buttigieg Rolls Out Funding For Highway Safety Projects on “Investing in America” Tour

The White House's effort to highlight infrastructure and industry projects continues in another state.
Mar 29 2023

More Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing is Coming to North Carolina

The investments by Corning and CommScope are being spurred by the infrastructure program passed by Congress in 2021.
Feb 06 2023

America is Finally Rebuilding Its Infrastructure, and U.S. Factory Workers are Seeing the Benefits

Build America, Buy America requirements in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law mean all those new roads, bridges, and water systems are required to be Made in America -- right down to the fire hydrants.
Feb 03 2023

Senate Committee Examines Energy Department’s Use of Infrastructure Funds

"We will move quickly as we can, while doing it right," vows a DoE official.
Jan 31 2023

House Committee to Look at the “State of Transportation Infrastructure”

They better be talking about implementing on-the-books Buy America rules!