Nov 16 2020

President-elect Joe Biden Recommits to Building Back Better – and Buying American

“We can make sure our future in made here in America,” Biden said in a speech given in his home state of Delaware on Monday. “And that’s good for business, and that’s good for American...
Nov 09 2020

Will the Biden Administration Pursue an Infrastructure Bill?

Joe campaigned on it, after all -- and we're not the only ones calling for it.
Nov 02 2020

What are we watching for in 2021?

A few broad policy priorities for the Alliance for American Manufacturing.
Oct 26 2020

Problems Continue for Rail Cars Built by China’s State-Owned CRRC for Boston’s Subway System

The Chinese state-owned company offered transit officials a bargain, but time has proven that it came at a big cost.
Oct 20 2020

Our American Manufacturing Plan Will Create 6.9 to 12.9 Million New Jobs by 2024

COVID-19 shocked the U.S. economy and made clear that the U.S. needs to ramp up production of critical goods. Here's how we make things better.
Oct 15 2020

How the Impasse Over COVID-19 Relief Could Delay Infrastructure Investment, Again

No one wants to give ground before Election Day. That's not exactly good economic policy.
Oct 14 2020

A Chance to Stand Up for American Workers

Tens of thousands of people have a job in the transit and passenger rail supply chain, and they will lose out if Buy America doesn't apply to the new D.C. Metrorail contract.
Sep 28 2020

The U.S. Needs to Get Serious About Investing in Electric Vehicle Production

The U.S. remains behind countries like China when it comes to electric vehicle production – and it’s becoming increasingly clear that smart policy is needed to not only catch up, but create...
Sep 16 2020

Trump vs. Biden on Infrastructure

The language used in presidential campaign rhetoric is often aspirational -- and that's definitely true when Donald Trump and Joe Biden talk about infrastructure. So what are they saying?
Aug 21 2020

Biden Offers Vision of Strong Middle Class Central to “America’s Promise” in DNC’s Final Night

Biden called for a future that is “Made in America.”